conscience consumer

I am trying to be a conscience consumer in every aspect. We are vegetarians and such purchase 75% of our produce within 60 miles, I no longer buy leather, we buy recycled toilet paper and paper towels, we have reduced, we reuse, and we recycle, and now I have been trying to not buy from countries where people are exploited for their cheap labor. This has proven to be very difficult. It is not because I am not willing to pay more, I have not problem paying more.

Yesterday we happened to be in a mall, in this mall we happened into a kitchen shop. We need a new colander. I saw a very nice one and bought it.

I am not sure if it's because I was not intending to shop, or what, but for some reason I did not check where the colander was made.
I went into another store, and realized I was no longer shopping at this particular store because of where everything was being made.

My heart sank. At first I did not even want to look, but I did.
After having some chocolate,
we went back to the store.

I apologized for not having looked at where it was made before buying, and politely asked if they had any made in the USA. The women looked and no they did not. As she was crediting my credit card for the return another employee asked what was the matter with the colander.
I mentioned that there was another one I saw on line that was $75 opposed to the $22 for the one I was returning and wanted to know where that one was made.

Today we are using our chipped, rusting, enameled colander.

Today I made a video, and entered the Sundance Channel contest "Big Ideas".

Consumer Offsets by 2 or CO2

Check out the contest on the Sundance Channel website.

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