ICA Letter

I often wonder what determines if ones work fits into an art organization’s current program. If they like the work will they make it fit? How often does the program change? Does it change with the change of curatorial staff?

I like how each time the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania encloses a copy of their newsletter. They have some wonder programs and events and maybe some day I will be back out there and can check them out.

If I ever have the opportunity to study architecture on the graduate degree level the University of Pennsylvania is where I would want to go. Not only did Louis Kahn teach there, but Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake of Kieran Timberlake both teach there now. The projects they have done and are doing are very interesting and to be in an academic environment with them would be fantastic.

I wonder if the art and architecture departments comingle at U of Penn?  Maybe some day I will get over there and can check it all out.

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