Vida Drawing Aktion

Last night at part of the Summer Salon Series at the San Diego Museum of art Border Corps presented ‘La Vida Drawing Aktion: Freedom, Progress & Nature’

There were boards with paper to draw on and sketch books.

I filled my sketchbook.

What a wonderful drawing experience. Even the mascot modeled for us.

More pictures at:


accept liking it

Canyon Shadow Play is installed and I am surprised by how much I like it.
My feelings of delight bring doubt.Is it really good, will anyone understand or enjoy it?

I remember Richard Tuttle saying that the most important thing is for him to like his work and if someone else gets it, that's an added bonus.

The process which has brought the installation has been one of experiences, play, and learning, and this brings to me more value.

I am very happy with this installation and look forward to playing on the box canyon wall and bulletin board while it is up.


more changes

Today my very good friend leaves San Diego to live in Sunnyvale and I am bummed.I know it is selfish of me to want her to stay. We do many things together and have such some great times.

We can still do things together, it will just be different.

She inspires me through her art and life and I know this too will remain so. There will be no replacing her. I will miss our early morning canyon hikes, going to art receptions, art runs to LA, seeing her art (not just pictures), and just having her here.

Thank you Michele for being in my life.


don't think about it

It is not easy to not worry about the installation I will be doing at Art Produce. Will it work, will it be a total disaster, will anyone get it, will anyone appreciate it, what will people think, and on and on.

It could easily not be what I imagine, and as the time gets closer and I continue to make changes, I am sure it will not.

Today this brings me to realize there is no sense in worrying. This is an opportunity to try something new therefore I have no way of knowing how it will be.

The greatest success will be that I learn.


The Tag Project

I have wanted to participate in Wendy Maruyama’s Tag Project for a while now. And although there is so much for me to do in the next week, today I took the time to stop in at Art Produce Gallery where the project is temporarily housed.
Before going I knew I would thorough enjoy the process of helping with this incredible project and I did.

My time there was short, but maybe there will be more opportunities for me to join in again.

Thank you Wendy.


Summer Salon Series

July 8 2010

I had an extraordinary opportunity to participate in this series and what I did was a participatory project.

I did not get pictures of people working at the tables or the jury awards. I hope I can remember how much fun it was, and how much energy the jurying created. I did observe that for some people they had a hard time to sit down and do a drawing, often times alone. I noticed that at Michele’s workshop it was much more communal, and I wonder if I had set it up so the drawing activity was more of a communal setting, if more people would have done a drawing.

There was a lot for those coming to the museum to do. The most popular was the t-shirt and/or print give away, which was such a generous gift for Michele to give.

And Claudia worked really hard as people patiently waited creating a line down the stairs.

The music by Jivaro was fantastic and Joey Hill did a great job being a political pundit.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and what makes it particularly enjoyable for me is coming away with ideas on if there were a next time.


a busy july

July 8 2010 @ SDMA

July 11 2010 @ APT

July 25-Aug 27 @ Art Produce Gallery


something new for me

The past two days I have been attending the ‘before the floor’ training at IKEA.

This is my first time to work for a foreign owned business. I am very grateful and excited to be working for this company. There is a lot I will learn and that is always a great opportunity. I am also very inspired by how much respect they have for people, employees, vendors & customers, and the environment. It just goes to show that not all corporations are bad and some really try to get it right.