Petzel 1994-2010

We have known for awhile that he was dying. I was conflicted about what to do. I wanted him to be at home, to choose his time, but was afraid he might suffer.

Last night he ate little and this morning nothing. He waited for us to wake up this morning. His breathing very shallow. We spent time with him and at one moment when I glanced over I saw him take his last breath. 

We spend a little more time with him.

He was a very good boy, taking care of his nephews and us. Always guarding, wanting to be let out and shaking the screen door to come in.

He would greet us at the gate, do yoga and meditate with me, and when we lived in Colorado he’d walk the property with us.
Although he will no longer be part of our daily activities we are forever connected.
Thank you for being such a wonderful member of our family. 

We love you dearly.

Posts with Petzel:

I wish I had included Petzel more in my external, internal dialogue. Because there is time, I will have to do better to include Kombu and Firewalker.

And in his death he gave us a gift. Dec 25, no longer just a commercial Christian holiday.


renay said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. I know it's hard when a pet because they become a part of your family. Take care and know that you gave the cat a great home and he knows that.


Debbie said...

What a beautiful memoir! So sorry to hear that you lost a best friend. All things return to "one source" - and, yes, you will always have that connection.