Carved & Whittled

At the Mingei International Museum. Carved and Whittled Sculpture. American Folk Art Walking Sticks From the Hill Collection.

Inspiring and joyful.

"Carved and whittled walking sticks give us a rare insight into the way in which sculpture functions as an art of transformation. Something as ordinary as a tree branch is refashioned into an artwork that we can experience as meaningful, beautiful or even magical. The fold sculptures who created the works in this exhibition have given us an amazing, unvarnished look at the art of sculpture and at the complexity of and American experience."


the color inside

I spend a long weekend in Austin TX. My first time there. Experienced the outside of capital building, some crazy partying on the street, bats coming out from under a bridge, great food and drinks, the LBJ library and The Color Inside.

A Skyspace by James Turrell at the University of Texas at Austin. Absolutely wonderful.
A great trip! It would be nice if I could go back and experience The Color Inside again, and check out things I missed.


universal connection

This past Sunday Sept 27 2015 there was a lunar eclipse, a super full blood harvest moon.

As we walked thru the neighborhood we saw many outside, looking up into the sky. We went to a nearby park where there were even more people, all focused on the moon, with the exception of a group of men playing soccer. A very nice person shared his binoculars, as we remembered we'd forgot ours.

The entire event was 5+ hours, and in our neighborhood it was an event, and it was amazing to have a visual of us in the middle of the sun and the moon.