damaged and flawed

As I started walking home I pulled yaya2 out and accidentally took some blue off with my thumb nail, and I stopped breathing. Do I not take any pictures until I can fix this flaw.

Do I live with it, a sign of age, not unlike my face.

I quickly decide to let it be, as it is, maybe a facelift after another 1000 pics (if yaya2 stays around that long).

I am so happy I did not put yaya2 away as I walked home.

I would have missed out.


levitated mass

I keep thinking about this piece at LACMA. Finding out that the boulder came from a quarry was a first a relief, it was not plucked from the desert.

Stone Valley Quarry

But quarries are an environmental disaster in themselves.

It would have been something to see this boulder being transported. But, even that caused all kinds of problems in many neighborhoods.

As this beautiful boulder sits on these two awful metal brackets I am truly sorry for it. The only take-away for me, is that famous, well paid artists can make very bad art, just like me.

The piece could be fixed so easily by moving the walls closer together, and getting rid of those brackets. I wonder how much that would cost.

Levitated Mass, maybe worked better as de-levitated mass?




At the beginning of 2013 I did a little work on yaya. 

And yaya2 was born

All the signs of aging could not be erased. The history of yaya can still be detected, which I find very nice.


sketchbook project 2013

I had the idea in by head and started working. I was not to buy any materials, for two reasons, cost and time.

Right away there was a problem, I did not have the glue I wanted to use. As I looked around the studio I found a roll of archival clear wide tape. I'd use that.

As I continued to work there were things that just weren't what I imaged in my head. I let go of what I thought the project would be, and started to embrace the process. Joy replaced anxiety. I was back to playing.

The last page to be done was the first.

Packed it up and into the mail it went today.



I have been waiting for this day since turning 40. I was so happy to get my first senior discount and for a museum, even better.

Then I saw this and was a bit shocked. I realized the kid at the ticket booth saw us as a bit older than we are. Still, the discount!!! The other day, I was thinking I was sixty, although this year I'll be 58. Do I try and get more senior discounts, or wait?