Lake Poway to the top of Mt Woodson

The air crystal clear enough to see islands off the coast and snow on top of San Gorgonio Mt.


fix it myself

I was nervous to ride, the last two time my neck was so soar I could not look to the left or down to see where the chain was in the de-railer. Not a safe way to ride. Physical therapy was not working, yoga helped, but the pain was so great I feared that I would have to stop riding someday soon.Today I stretched, and put on an analgesic rub. 

At first there seemed to be no difference. I focused on shoulders back, neck straight, and about 35 minutes into the ride I started feeling the heat from the rub. Turning got easier and easier, so much so I started thinking my neck pain might be muscular, and not skeletal.

My neck starting feeling so much better, I am confident I can get back to putting some miles in on the bike, and I can fix my neck myself. Lakota rub, stretching, exercises the physical therapist gave me and yoga, should do it!  Another very good day in my exceptionally fortunate life.


sad to grateful

Yesterday morning my mom was in a dream. I could not stop thinking about her, and tears were difficult to hold back.
The day went on, feeling like on and on. Got home, took a short nap after eating, changed and started walking to the park.
The lights in my neighborhood brightened  me. My music was perfectly not Christmas.
The park was full, at the reception I saw many I had not seen in awhile.
On the way back home I rode the train, walked under the clear sky, and felt the immense good fortune that is my life.


I need to remember

Remember that although I spend 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month, 1,920 hours a year (minus vacations and sick time), my job does not define me.
There is so much more going.
I really need to remember this.


holiday gift exchange

This year our gift exchange is to be gender neutral.
Who doesn't need their own Voodoo doll?