before house cleaning

Just took the car to the mechanic, 30,000 mile check up.
As soon as he saw the car “you need tires”.
There goes my ipad.

Not depressed about it. It just is, for now.

Walking home I saw a flower I’d never seen before.

I wished I could make sculpture that beautiful and interesting.

Saw a house and car.

And as I walked through the business district of my neighborhood.

The thought came to mind how much I truly like living here.


first 3 for free

I am busy creating pieces for the free art: cart project.  My goal has gone from taking the cart out once a month to 3-4 times a year, with a deadline for the first outing to be before Aug. 

The work is taking longer than I thought it would. I think I just did’t remember how involved I get with each piece.

This past weekend the piece I donated to the Museum School Action did not sell. I feel bad about this, and it makes me wonder if anyone will even want to take one of these pieces.

I must not worry.


at work today

First the racking. Then the rug elephant.


out of context

A confused feeling came over me as I walked up to the Buddha statue on display at the art museum. Do I bow, do I make an offering, what exactly do I do in this context.

I felt out of place, or was Buddha out of place.

Why are such works in art museums?

Do these belong here?


another special day

I found out from a friend that today is a traditional buddhist Merit day. This friend has also give me many buddha statues.

I am grateful for my good friend Jonathan, and all those people in my life who are so supportive, and love me unconditionally. I am a very fortunate person.

And today is a total lunar eclipse.


a-recluse artist: step 6

be inspired

Joseph Cornell

Ray Johnson

Richard Tuttle


a-recluse artist: step 5

Stay focused

Stay with the projects

Stay healthy

Don't get sucked in to being out

back on the bike

My first ride since falling over on my bike and tweaking my ankle. After meeting up with three people, and stopping for coffee, it was just For├ęsta and I. We headed towards some climbing, and took 2 short cuts.

The second one was a body shocker.

5 miles of unpaved road, with sections of extreme wash board.

Another great adventure with 7+ hours on the bike, 53+ miles, and lots of sun.


feeling better

Today when I spoke to my mom she sounded much better. So much so that I finally had the feeling that she can recover from the major mini stroke she had. I had been thinking all week about death, and wondering if she was thinking about it. She said she was not, and this, I think is good.

It is a strange thing to be thinking about the end of ones life. I had thought about it weeks ago, before this, wondering how I might die. I remember a friend asking me if there was anything I wanted to do before I died, I thought of one specific thing, which has since been done. I have no bucket list.

Am I ready to die. Probably. Will I die soon. I hope, probably not. Maybe I’m really not at all ready. Still more work to do.


motivate self

For some reason have been relying on others to motivate me to walk, hike, and bike. This was never the case before, so I am not sure why I am so compelled to have someone with me these days. But today after work I went out to walk Florida Canyon, by myself.

I stopped a bit to take pictures for my projects.

And then while I was in the canyon I took a moment to look up, take in the the expanse, and not be so focused on seeing details.

I saw how beautiful the canyon is, even with a road running right down the middle. And appreciated how fortunate I am to have this so close to where I live. I enjoy walking through both natural and manmade environments. I think it’s the, being in, that connects me, and thereby rejuvenates. And I remember that I need to do this as much as possible, and I can motivate myself to do so.


connection to far away

Yesterday I was not feeling quite right. Emotional, drained, unfocused. This morning I found out that my mother had a mini-stroke over the weekend. This is probably not the first, but it seems to have been the worse thus far.

I think my body felt a connection to the women who gave birth to me, co-raised me, and loves me unconditionally.

It is not easy to be far away. To hear the anxiety in my sister voice, and the burden she feels. To know that my father is at a loss about what the person he has lived with for 56+ years has gone through, and is going through.

I wonder, would it be better if I were up there. And I think, maybe it is best that I am not. I am not sure I would be an asset within the mix. I spoke with them all later in the day. We are all were we are, making the best of it.
I'll talk to them all again tomorrow.


on the move

I left to run errands on foot taking only 5 items with me.

In constant use.

I must be aware while working on the circle plants project.

One bee rested briefly on a finger.

Got home with another project to start.



Last night was the return of the Summer Salon Series at SDMA.
It was difficult for me to get there. I am so short of time, for my art, for my self. After work I was very hesitant to go. Remembering how much I enjoyed all the ones I went to last year, I got myself over there.
Being introduced to the work of Hughie Lee-Smith and his painting Sunday Afternoon was surprisingly nice. I really liked the painting they brought up from the vault.

Then listening to the conversation about the homelessness in San Diego and some of the things Councilman Todd Gloria and the city are doing and trying to do made me proud that Mr. Gloria is my city council representative.
Before the talks I had the opportunity to interact with Omar Lopez’s In the Belly of the Whale, this time on the outside. After the talks I wondered through the exhibit Art of the Americas. Reflecting on some of the wonderful pieces I discovered, no other people, only my thoughts to distract me.

I thought how wonderful many of these pieces where. How I was surprised that they were part of the museum collection (all but one, the Joan Brown). I enjoyed the solitude, and noticed how I crave it more and more.

When I went back out to the rotunda I saw Omar’s piece Homohaus being activated. I joined in for a little while, and then a little good conversation with some I had not seen in awhile.

As I walked back to the car I came across a group of homeless people, and smiled as I became aware that they had a TV, and it was running on the cities dollar. 
I did not regret going at all, and I look forward to being energized each week.