Thank you Mr. Kennedy

Ted Kennedy died last night.

His legislative accomplishments are many.

It is sad that health care reform did not happen in his lifetime because he was so passionate about it for such a long time, and it is slipping away once again.

I hope he will be an inspiration for future politicians.

Someone to stand up for the little people, those in need and those that have not.

We need more politicians like Ted Kennedy.


time to clear the head

School starts tomorrow.
Do I take three classes of drop down to two?

The Grand Canyon series is painfully slow.
Do I give up on it or see it through?

My fitness level is below par.
Do I make a serious effort to get more fit or live with how I am?

My parents left after a 10 day visit and I cried.

My head is full.



All I can do is shake my head.

I put out a survey to see if it would be possible to have the apartment, when it becomes vacant, be an exhibit space. The survey explains there is no way we can afford to do this for free.

One person, I don’t know who, and that’s a good thing, said:
“Is offering this space, your in-kind contribution? Meaning, you're relying completely on artists to cover the costs? You yourselves are not contributing any money to the costs?”

Of course this person has no idea that we work hard to pay the mortgage on this very modest 3 unit complex (one unit we live in) bought during the height of the housing boom. These days we work triple hard as the value of the property has decreased, the economic down turn has drastically effected our income (self employment means we won’t get fired, but it also means no unemployment), and the price for goods and services keeps going up.

The prices we threw out would only help pay costs associated with this one unit, so I will assume they have no idea. I guess paying the balance of the “rent”, electric, water, gas, taxes, building maintenance, and supplying paint does not count.

Then they went on to say:
“Trying to make something a go off the backs of artists is not the way to approach this. Provide the service first, earn the trust, then you can start thinking about membership. Other than providing a mailing list, what else are you providing? Why not organize one night exhibits? Split costs or a percentage on the sales... We can't continue to ask artists to pay for our fantasies...”

Maybe they feel they’ve been screwed as an artist. Or maybe they feel being artist entitles them to have their work shown. Or maybe they think we’re rich!

The survey was sent out to see if an idea could work. The place isn’t even zoned for commercial and as far as a membership or running a gallery goes, we are not interested. It was just an idea for a space.

We are neither independently wealthy, have wealthy family members, have a 401K, have health insurance, or have the winning lottery ticket. Maybe the day will come when we can offer this space to artists at no cost to them. Maybe then this person will not judge us so harshly.

Of course they are correct in the assumption that we are trying to make something off the backs of artists, because every day I do make something off the back of an artist and that artist is me.


clean and sober

I had been clean and sober since Dec 2008 until yesterday, and it wasn’t really any fun. Not what I remember.

Today my nose is running and my head feels cloudy.

These days I’m having much more fun being clean and sober.

Things really do change.


arch ed

The search for my ideal school/program to pursue a master degree in architecture may be a long one.

Yesterday I went to the open house at New School of Architecture (and now) Design.

The program is very impressive looking. The facilities nice. Faculty seem good.

The reality I have already done it, only the education was fine art.

I really don’t want to go to school full time, be fully immersed.

I have already done it.

Communal studio space, working all hours of the night, sleeping on dirty uncomfortable couches on campus, eating poorly, and playing ping pong is over for me.

I’m not sure my school exists. I need a flexible program catered to mature adults wanting an education in architecture without going more into debt, NAAB accredited
http://www.naab.org/schools/search.aspx?searchType=A , and a masters program.

Mesa College will give me a great education and maybe the MArch will not happen, but maybe it will. For now Mesa College fits great.


is it true

Today I had a thought about art and fame. Specifically visual art.

And I wonder.

Is it true, artists want to be famous.

Is it true, galleries and museums want to make artists famous.

Is it true, galleries and museums want to show famous artists.

Is it true, only famous artists are good artists.

If so, how has this affected the visual art.

There are times I think I want to be a famous artist.

I think I want this because I believe this would mean my work would be out there for people to enjoy.

But, I don’t believe this will happen.

And I wonder.

Will this not happen because I don’t believe it can.

Is it true?