wanting change

There are people wanting democracy. They are putting their lives on the line.

And our government is worried about stability because it could impact the flow of oil to us.

Could change happen here?
What did the decline of previous civilizations look like?
Is it gradual?
Is democracy freedom?
I wish people would not be afraid.
The unknown is unknown.
The future will be neither good or bad, it will be.

Of course we all help it be a better future, if we do the work.



I know this artist. I know him, not really that well.
He really loves what he is doing, and it seems as if he has loved every step of his artistic career.

It is amazing to me how he does not complain, I know so many artists, myself included, that complain. Although, I think he probably does not complain about much.
I get a glimpse of how his work is his reflection... calm and energetic, quirky and sophisticated, serious and funny.

He is a good roll model.
Selfishly I am glad he lives in San Diego because he is good for our art community. 

And it is nice that his work is very accessible here.

Thank you Roman de Salvo.


january in san diego

doors & windows
sun shine and fresh air


things work out

My Dad has always said things work out for the best.
This is a really nice way to see the world.
Today I realized things just work out.
Because things always work out.
It’s neither good nor bad.