art walk san diego 2015

Walked down to Little Italy to check out this years art walk, and headed over to SDMCA to revisit the work of El Anatsui.

The pieces are monumental which make me wonder what happens to them after an exhibition like this.

How does anyone have this work in their home. Do they become public works? Or are they stored for years to come.

How I can get lost in the pieces is mesmerizing, and something that always makes me enjoy the work even more.

There's a quote within the information on Gli (Wall) "wall are human constructs that are meant to block views, but they block only the view of the eye-the retinal view-no the imaginative view. When the eye scans a certain barrier, the imagination tends to go beyond that barrier, so in that sense, walls reveal more things than they hide"

I saw this and imagined it.

The piece with movement made me wonder how these works would capture my imagination more if they were installed outside.

The wood pieces drew me in just as much. They had dates from the 1990's to present. Implying they had all been revised.

Revisiting this work gave me a deeper appreciation for it. Thank you.


lily pond magic

In Balboa Park last night.

At the Lily Pond.

I saw an animal I'd never seen there.

A turtle.



As annoying as a J-O-B can be. I cannot really complain.

At 6:26am this morning I was uploading images (for the Kate Sessions thank you free: art cart) to Flickr. After a very nice walk to the J-O-B, and seeing a homeless person camped out on the embankment of the freeway, seeing the ducks playing in the San Diego river, I participated in the J-O-B. I then got a ride home, poured an IPA into a frosted glass and at 6:20pm uploaded more images. 

I am more than fortunate in the life I have.