Chuck Close

I finally finished watching the Chuck Close documentary by Marion Cajori.

I remember years ago, mid 70”s when I first saw his work in NYC. I was with a group of fellow students and there was a comment about this work not really being art because it was based on a photo and was “just” photo realism, and this made his work unclear to me.

Since then I have seen a lot of his work and I am very grateful for these opportunities because each time I learn and understand, not only his work, but art, perception, process, and my work.

This documentary brings even more insight.

It is informative and inspiring.

I wish I owned a copy.


it is true, it works

I was stuck, where do I go with the rejection letters?

They sporadically arrive in the mail box and the file of ones I like grows.

I needed to see “Self Portrait ‘06” live, or so I thought.

Opportunity struck and I decided to install it at the Vacancy Show.

As I worked on the installation of this piece for this show, (the only other time it was installed was as one large piece to be photographed), I discovered.

This is why it is important for me that work to get out of the studio.

I can learn so much.

I wonder what I’ll learn as I install “Self Portrait ‘06”, and as I live with it for the one day it’s up and out of storage.


model making


It’s so exact and precise, the model making process.

It is so counter-intuitive to my design and art processes.

I find it very stressful and therefore not enjoyable.

Maybe this is why I like seeing models that others have made. I am fascinated with them.

I wonder if I can find a way to lighten the process for me. Make it less stressful.

I know there will be more models to make as I go through school studying architecture and design. I hope I can find a way to embrace this process.


Sore neck, all day model making. Am over it.


LA Oct 6

Eames shelving @ LACMA

Joseph Bueys: The Multiples @ BCAM

Dinner @ the diner

Architecture: Where Hope Lives
How Design Can Transform Lives and Communities
Co-presented with Skid Row Housing Trust @ REDCAT


National Parks

Watching National Parks: America’s Best Idea by Ken Burns is inspiring.

And I know how John Muir felt.

And I know what he meant when he spoke about wilderness areas being cathedrals.

And I am grateful to be able to spend time in our wilderness areas.

And I am thankful to all those who helped preserve our wilderness and to those who continue to help protect what we have.


taking care of my feet

New hiking shoes.

It’s been years and many many miles since my feet have had adequate support during hikes.

First I got the low top hikers.

After the first hike they felt good.

Now I also have new boots.

I hope my feet will be happy.

I do want to take care of them.

They so wonderfully get me to fantastic places.