in the desert

The light vibrates

I saw it

I saw it again and again


Robert Irwin’s work

I just had to look



The world will not evlove past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situtation.
-Albert Einstein


Guggenheim Museum Letter

Today I decided to refer to my work as projects.

Project L has been greatly neglected. So I pulled out a letter.

I forgot what joy I receive knowing people have taken the time to look at my work.

Thank you Guggenheim Museum


Salk Institute

My first encounter

I thought it was like most research facilities, NO ACCESS

But this place is different

Different thanks to the vision of two men

Jonas Salk, scientist, and Louis Kahn, architect


Just like the art I enjoy the most

This place sucks me in, captures my attention, and keeps me there

This place will be a place I always must visit, walk, spend time, and experience

Where the manmade meets nature spectacularly

Where you can spend time, stop the internal dialogue, pay attention, and be where you are.

For me much like the Golden Gate Bridge

There is something comforting in knowing I can experience architecture without the two + hour drive it takes to go to the Getty Center, Walt Disney Music Center, and other compelling spaces in LA

Right here where I now live

I am kicking myself in the butt for not having gone soon

And I am really grateful that the instructor for our class organized this field trip with tour

Thanks to all


lucky me

Allan Wexler

San Diego State University talk:
set of rules
change elements within set rules
fine art – applied arts – fine arts – applied arts – applied arts – fine arts
process informs decisions
public – private – public – private – public – private – private – public
private = studio work = scale = small enough to work with hands
public art is a collaboration with his wife Ellen, the client, and the public
experiments, akin to being a scientist
public art = scale = large

“It’s nice to be lost, not knowing where you are going”
architect – artist – architect  – artist – artist – architect


productive bike ride

Riding around the neighborhood.
Mind wondering around art.
What can be done with that front yard?
Ideas of composting paper are a sculpture.
Maybe, maybe not.
Start weed whacking.

What if.
Weed whack a grid.
Grid  broken by larger vegetation.

Right turn, down Alabama.
Out of the corner of my eye, green.

Not natural.
Mind wondering around art.
Yard art.
Can yard decoration, objects, processes, be art.

Right turn, right turn, right turn.
Back on Alabama.

Mind wondering around art.
Document an area of North Park.

Boundary:  Alabama St to the west
University Ave to the north
Villa Terrace to the east
Upas St to the south


recent local

No longer at Art Produce Gallery
The Future Imperfect of Cities,Landscapes and Dreams

An installation by Leslie Ryan, PhilippBosshart, Deborah Forster & their students from New School of Architecture.

What fun to see this installation evolve as it was up, just like a city.

At Sushi Performance & Visual Art, Mar 4 – Apr 24, 2010

What I enjoyed here was

I had gone to the reception myself and did not have anyone to sit and have a conversation with.

And I was not sure about

the words, the wood?


March 6 2010

As we drove up to LA we engaged in great conversation and the roads where dry.

Our first stop was the Hammer Museum to see the Rachel Whiteread drawing exhibit.

Included in the show were some sculptures, models

And postcard studies

On our way to Bergamot Station we stopped at Giant Robot 2.

At Bergamot:

Oliver Michaels at Shoshana Wayne

Joe Goode at Greenfield Sacks

Larry Bell at Frank Lloyd

Hyuk Jun Yi at Sarah Lee

And I was totally sucked in with Jeffrey Wells installation at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. He made me pay attention and played with my perception.

What brought us to Bergamot on this visit was the first reception of Luis de Jesus Los Angeles, with the works of Daniel Tierney in the large bright white main room, and a group show in the smaller room.

Luis moved the gallery, Luis de Jesus Seminal Projects, to LA. It is unfortunate for San Diego that we no longer have this gallery, and I hope he will be able to continue to represent his San Diego artist in Los Angeles. I do wonder why he changed the name of the gallery, felt the necessity to have Los Angeles in the name, and why the gallery space has so many fluorescent lights (I noticed it cast a weird color on people).

It was an energizing trip up there. It was also different to go into spaces as an artist in transition, questioning if my art practice can remain one of object making, thereby shifting away from the need for conventional galleries that show objects. I no longer wondered, would this gallery be appropriate for my work, do I send them a packet, are they accepting proposals, etc. It was very liberating; I just had to experience the work.

This morning I woke up, stayed in bed for a while, and totally changed my mind about my proposal to Art on how I see it now.



Last night
Teddy Cruz, Suzanne Lacy, Rick Lowe, Mat Coolidge, Rebecca Solnit.

Some of what was said that sticks with me:

Mat Coolidge talked briefly about if something is pointed out, attention brought to it, that you are then neglecting everything else. My temporary installations have been about bringing awareness to a specific. It will be challenging to investigate how not to do this. This is eye opening and I think it will be a challenging investigation into how not to do this in my art practice.

They all said artists need to not consider themselves as special, and I believe this to be true.

It was also pointed out that all their works take time, long periods of time, change does not happen quickly, time must be invested. This is eye opening, and a wonderful gift for my work is changing, the change is happening slowly, and now I can give myself the time needed.


BAM PFA letter

It has been months, maybe a year, since I sent out anything to galleries and museum.

Once in awhile I find a response in my mailbox.
Last month I received this

It was such a nice surprise. They said my work was progressing nicely, and it is.

Someone has noticed.

I am always astonished and greatful that someone has taken the time out of their busy schedule to check out what I do.

This also reminds me that I have a file folder of letters I love and it is time to do something with them.



When the rains stopped last weekend there were many of us out walking the streets, and I discovered the First Ave Bridge was open again to cars and foot traffic.

It is nice that the city did a retrofit on this bridge, and not a tear down, rebuild.

I had walked across 6 bridges, 4 strictly pedestrian, and twice across the 1st Ave Bridge, first south, and later north.

Soon I will need to walk underneath.