March Against Monsanto

Today I walked to Balboa Park to participate in the March Against Monsanto 2015.

The speakers were informative and inspiring.I learnt about Fast Track Trade and TPP 

While walking home I thought about this day, the issues, and how messed up the world still is, and how difficult it seems to make change.

Often time I beat myself up about not being more involved, and how think endlessly about how I can make a difference. 

Today I realized that in my everyday life I make conscience informed decisions, and by living this way I am making a difference.

Today I felt good about my involvement on this earth.



Being lost can present new paths and bridges.

I can look forward and find something.

Not too sure

think how unhappy I am with the world

How unhappy I am with my role in the world.

I feel like I am not an unhappy person. But when I think about it I think who won't be.

And others see how unhappy I am. How can I change this?