must stop assuming

Little bumps appeared and then the itching started.
What was biting me.
fleas - no
bed bugs - no
spider - no
mosquitos - no
Then areas turn into a rash.
Days later I remembered bush whacking in Tecolote canyon and thinking, there’s no poison oak here.
Guess again. I never saw it.

Thus far the outbreak is far for my worse. I just hope it remains so.

Must wash all clothing, pack, and boots.


if only I had more time

Wikipedia has a very interesting project

WikiProject Politics  link


todays car luck

Making a left from a right lane where it is legal to can make a left, a car makes a left from the left of me into my lane, Almost takes me out.
Driving into downtown on 163. I notice a police car in my rear view mirror. I change lanes to the right. His flashing lights go on. I find a save place, pull over and get ready to show all my stuff. He comes to the passenger side, I say hello, he says hello and looks inside. He then asks me if I know why he pulled me over, I say no. he explains I was speeding. He asks if I know what the speed limit is, I say no, and he explains it’s goes down to 55 at Robinson, where the wood center divide starts. He does not take any of my information. I almost cry as I say thank you, thank you, thank you.
As I go through the green light at the first intersection after 163 a car swerves 2 lanes from the left to make a right. Stops short of hitting me and cuts off another car, then proceeds to make the right.
I get home safely driving a bit slower than usual.

people can

And today it happened!!! Congratulations Egypt.


medical sickness

For years we did not have medial insurance. We were totally responsible for our health and any emergencies. There had been some minor emergencies, luckily nothing life threatening.
Today we have insurance and last week I experienced the true inefficiency of our system., and it is unbelievable.
As an educated person I was barely able to navigate this system, and it was with much frustration. I cannot imagine how it would be for anyone who is not a native english speaker, and/or uneducated. And let’s not be ignorant, there are many of both.
Having experienced the socialized medial system of Canada, and having family still there, I know that although it is not perfect, it is by far superior to the medical insurance system we have here.
I understand insurance companies like our system, it is extremely profitable for them. But why is it that the public supports such a bad system. Why are they afraid of change, why cannot they see there could be something better. Why are they content to stay in a system that is about making insurance companies rich while providing poor health coverage.
Why is it so difficult bring about change?
Fear and lack of education, and as cutbacks in education continue, and fear of government control, our medical system, and education system will become increasingly only accessible to the rich. It looks like this will be the change in our future.