art LA

Yesterday a great day of art in LA, starting at LA Louver. Was really taken away with the work of Matt Wedel.

Then it was over to L&M Gallery, which unfortunately will be closing soon. The work exhibited was very good, as was the architecture.

Found out the architects were wHY Architecture. It will be interesting to see what this space/spaces become next. Interestingly one building had been a power station and Ray Bradbury once lived on the site in a craftsman home.

We went over to Kayne Griffin Corcoran, at the new location designed by James Turrell.

Wonderful exhibit of James Turrell's Roden Crater. And we accidentally had the opportunity to experience a perceptual cell, when we filled out and signed the release form, went in there, and started the program, and then a staff member kicked us out. Apparently you needed to have a reservation, and someone needs to be there. 

Not the most approachable space (you have to be buzzed in), or staff. Then lunch in Culver City, after which more galleries. Most notable was Cherry and Martin and the work of Florian Morlat.

Then the work of Marisol Rendón at Luis de Jesus was very good.

Last stop was Bergamot Station, best experience there was Joyce Pensato at Santa Monica Museum of Art. And after seeing her work I am itching to draw.

A most inspiring day.

2 many private spaces


Sketchbook Project 2013

My sketchbook is on tour. I received a message that it was viewed twice in Toronto ON, at the Distillery Historic District. My very good friends/family were gracious enough to take time out of their busy lives to check it out. THANK YOU!

It has been viewed now 5 times. It will be interesting to see how many times it gets viewed while on tour, and how many people I don't know take the time to check it out.

Sketchbook Project 2013 call number at the mobil library, 200.2-6

And they did a fantastic job of digitally archiving it for the Digital Library



The Jacaranda's are in full bloom. As you approach you see the pedals on the tree and on the ground.

And as you walk thru, there is a weird feeling that space is compressed between the pedals.