cat life

Sometimes our one-eyed cat is staring into space.

Thinking far away thoughts.

I am very grateful for all the cats that have, are and will be part of my life. I love them so much.


I'll take this as a sign

Yesterday my permanent crown went on.

My teeth are now ½ way to being fixed.

I'll take this as a sign, there's always something to fix.

Today I noticed a lot more credit card applications coming in the mail.

I'll take this as a sign money is starting to move again.


creative learning

Today I understood why I was not a very good student from middle school through high school, and it was not my fault.

I believe it has to do with the system for learning we have here is the US and Canada.

Where necessary information such as math and science are taught in such dry manner without linking what is being taught to applications for creativity.

For example, if math had been taught to me in correlation to architecture I would have had an easier time learning it. I could visually understand what knowing math could make. I came away thinking thinking that math was an abstract theory instead of an application, a tool, to create a wonderful interesting visually stimulating building.


art and architecture

While watching the documentary Concert of Wills: Making the Getty Center I had my first disillusionment of Robert Irwin. While he was designing the garden for the Getty Center there was no respect towards the architect Richard Meier.

Meier had spent 14 years designing the project, collaborating with the Getty Trust, the museum director, and the surrounding neighborhood. There was a lot of give and take.

Erwin on the other hand was brought into the project very much toward the end and when concerns about his design where brought up by Meier he would have nothing to do with it.

From the sky the Erwin design is okay.

When you hear Meier talk about his vision for that specific area of the project, and you have been there, you realize, it does not work well.

There is such a difference between creating ones art and designing buildings. The art process is often solitary, no interaction with others.

Architecture on the other hand must take into consideration people, function, and place. Therefore there has to be interaction between all parties. It is very much a collaborative process, with opportunities for solitary reflection.

The design process of architecture could be very valuable to many artists.



It had been 15 years since seeing a dentist.
Then there was the emergency visit. A temporary crown put in and a request to the insurance company to see a root canal specialist.

Two teeth in need of help, one on each side.
Unable to chew.

I was prepared for the worst at today’s visit to the dentist. There was a full set of x-rays and some poking around.

Great news came out of his month. No cavities, everything looked very good, and keep flossing until the cleaning.

WOW!!! I am again very fortunate and grateful.


april 4 2009

Last night someone said that I was smart. This was the second time recently that I’ve been told this.

This is not something I would think of myself as. I also don’t think of myself as stupid. In actuality I know I am both.

Today I did a long walk.

Jogged a bit on the way out.

Now that my allergies and asthma are under control I must get my body into better physical condition.

This will take awhile, I know, and I know I can do it.

I saw 2 of the Bernar Venet sculptures and thought

I liked them better when I saw them stored in the yard and moving on the truck.

Maybe it’s where these two have been installed, not really accessible.

And although it has been seasonably cold for here.

Blossoms and blooms everywhere.