Sat & Sun

Saturday urban hike

Sunday bike ride up the coast

I had not ridden my bike up the coast for a very long time.
It has been rides east for a long time now, so I was not used to the car, bike and pedestrian traffic.
But the smell of the salt air was refreshing.

Enrique Experienced

Glashaus hosted Enrique Experienced, Sat May 29.

Enjoyed the event, art, and visiting with friends.

12 multi-media pieces, inspired by an outlandish Enrique Limon tale.

Really enjoyed the mandolin performance by The Burning of Rome’s Adam Traub.

Enrique Limon is a writer for San Diego CityBeat, whose weekly column The Enrique Experience is renowned for exposing the seedy underbelly of the San Diego social scene.

Perry Vasquez’s piece made me work more than the other pieces.

Perry Vasquez's piece

But I enjoy working the brain, especially for art.


May 27, 2010

Bronoswski Art and Science Forum

Conversations of Art & Science with Roman De Salvo and Dr. V.S. Ramachandran

Dr. V.S. Romachandran:

Roman De Salvo:


community support

I am finding it difficult not to post on Facebook about an event recently posted which is asking artists to participate in a show at The Garage.

So I will vent here.

The show will be about being rejected from the Here Not There exhibit at MCASD. It will be the same night as the reception for the MCASD exhibit.

I understand it is not easy to accept that you’ve not been accepted.

What I do not understand is why these artists do not want to support the artists that did get in.

There are some artists that support The Garage, so instead having this show the same evening wouldn’t it be better to have the “rejection” show another night and go and support our artist/community.

There is actually so much going on June 5 2010
Sushi Performance and Art, Red Ball
Here Not There, reception
Art Around Adams
LUX, reception
There Goes the Neighborhood (www.theregoes.org)
I understand the impulse to do something as a reaction. I question that this particular reaction does not foster community

I know it is good not to post this on Facebook. Venting feels good.


BP oil

This oil spill is a horrible disaster. I understand it is not easy to fix.

I am surprised that sanctions have not been implemented towards us from other nations. This disaster is globally. This oil spill is not taking place is a back yard swimming pool.

I hope all off shore drilling will come to an end.

BP should be fined, millions a day until they plug this leak. Since they are all about money maybe hitting them were it hurts will get them to come up with a solution quickly.

I feel guilty driving in my car.


local art at LUX

Today's visit to LUX was unexpectedly fun when I discoverd the "gift shop" and found they are showing regional art.

From the LUX website:

Lux Art Institute Presents New Store Project by Art Stars Jean Lowe and Kim MacConnel
J & K Souvenir Inc. to Open April 21 at Museum in Former SPECIMEN Space

ENCINITAS, CA — (April 6, 2010) — Lux Art Institute, San Diego’s first LEED-certified interactive art destination, will launch J & K Souvenir Inc., a pop-up shop installation by two of San Diego’s most recognized artists Jean Lowe and Kim MacConnel, at its upcoming 21-and-over Lux@Night event on April 21, 7-9 p.m.. J & K Souvenir Inc. is the latest in a series of retail installations commissioned by Lux.

The new retail experience created by Lowe and MacConnel is a finely edited collection of distinctive, hand-crafted goods, many of which will commemorate one’s visit to the museum, be inspired by the museum’s unique surrounding physical environment and illustrate the tension between the mass-produced and the aggressively handmade object. J & K Souvenir Inc. will replace SPECIMEN, Lux’s first store project by art dealer Mark Quint and artist Adam Belt that opened in late November 2009 and is scheduled to close on April 10.
“J & K Souvenir Inc., Lux’s newest retail installation, has been thoughtfully conceived and created to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our museum guests,” said Lux Director Reesey Shaw. “The pieces inside the store will be made by two of the craftiest artists in town and will no doubt bring smiles to many. How refreshing to have this bit of whimsy spice up our lives!”
Featuring items such as coastal flower bouquets fabricated from beach trash, small terra cotta figurines of endangered local animals and birds, commemorative vessels and ceramic plates and select “Hulga’s of San Diego” jewelry, the store will be filled with original artist-made reproductions. J & K Souvenir Inc. will also display and sell ”Delft” bowls and plates, clown kits, doorstops, Universal Method of English books and placemats, stickers and more. Compared to Lowe and MacConnel’s regular work, the items will be inexpensive, ranging in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.
“We had a desire to do a different kind of museum store, playing off the idea of 99 Cent Store-pop culture and museum store-high culture and collapsing the difference,” said Lowe, whose three-foot tall papier-mache Animal Tales valise is part of Lux’s acclaimed educational outreach program, The Valise Project. “For Kim and myself, this is an opportunity to break from normal studio practice and goof around a little. Hopefully the store will be both playful and earnest.”
Expected to run through July 2010, the J & K Souvenir Inc. store project will be open to the public during Lux’s regular open hours – Thursday and Friday, 1 to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. – as well as during special events, such as Lux@Night and Free Saturday.
My souvenir: a J&K Inc LUX coin
I hope I can get back to get a souvenir plate!


I will try

“Whether we consider what happens to us good fortune or ill fortune, appreciation for this life can wake us up and give us the courage we need to stay right there with whatever comes through the door.” Pema Chodron


maybe cycles can not be broken

I shack my head in disbelieve as my mouth grins from ear to ear in the realization that I have not broken the cycle of killing my art.
Today I realized I will not be able to attend the opening reception of Here Not THERE at MCASD June 5. I will miss being THERE to support the artists who are showing.
I will be busy doing a temporary installation at Art Around Adams, which is an amazing opportunity for me to do a piece I have contemplated for years. I will be there and not THERE.

The museum curators and directors of our must prestigious galleries in San Diego will probably be not be there, but all is not lost. I will document, and at some point this documentation will find its way to museums and galleries, which will then produce a letter, which will then be documented.


morning walk

I almost stepped on

Camera shy

Could not find


maybe both

Working in the realm of conceptual art I work diligently figuring it all out. When it comes time to do the work I am not as diligent.
Is it a fear that it will not work? It’s a bad concept?
Or is it that the fun part is done?
Maybe it’s both.

I’ve made a list of projects and it has grown to 7.
Am I unfocused.
Or do I have many ideas.
Maybe it’s both.


micro vacation

Friday night 3 art receptions

Saturday 63 mile bike ride, east and climbing

Saturday night 2 art receptions and a party

Sunday 14 mile hike, Cuyamaca Peak & Stonewall Peak

Sunday night relaxed exhaustion


Krisel downtown

William Krisel, Architect
Directed by Jake Gorst

Last night was a free screening at MCASD La Jolla, and after the screening Krisel went up on stage and answered question from a moderator and audience members.

Today I rode my bike downtown and found the building at 1st and C.

It was not an easy building to get to with the trolley line on one side and the civic center on the other.

I learnt a lot about Krisel as an architect from the documentary.

And I will have to do further investigations.

As I rode home I noticed the Sempra Energy Building at 101 Ash St and wondered who that architect was. I did not stop to take any pictures, but when I got home I looked on-line, and found nothing. Then tried calling and got nowhere. Need more investigating.

There was so much traffic today as I got myself away from it I told myself I will need to come downtown on a Sunday. Give myself time to wonder the streets, pay attention to the architecture, and take lots of pictures, an urban hike!


the envelope please

Is it the rejection letter or something about my membership?

Yah!!! It’s the letter.

Thank you Lucia for taking the time to review so much work from so many San Diego artists. I am sure the selection process was difficult.

I look forward to seeing all that was chosen for this exhibit, soon.
Here Not There: San Diego Art Now
Jun 06, 2010–Sep 19, 2010 at MCASD La Jolla