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    Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

I now wonder, do a make another device to replace yaya? Or can I pay attention. Can I take interesting source photos, without a divice?

Am I be scared, excited. Probably both, but more scared. I am not a "photographer". My camera is the iPhone 5.

But I do love my iPhone. I should embrace the idea, and try taking my source photos without a device. It could work?


after 3+ years

Today my hair was cut into 2 ponytails, and will soon be off to Locks of Love.


free art: La Jolla

On the sunday of the Labor Day holiday weekend I went into La Jolla to finish free art: La Jolla. This was a piece created to enter into the annual juried show at the La Jolla Athenaeum. It was rejected, and I really should have known better, to think that such a show would ever allow viewer participation.

The back-up plan for the rejection from the show was to set it up on an easel in front of the Athenaeum and give the work out.

Compared to other free art give-aways it was not as nice. There were many who would ignore me, not even a hello back. It took quite awhile to give away 36 out of the 52 pieces created.

Those who did take the time to look at the work, and take 1, 2 or 3, where genuinely excited and grateful. These people, truly off-set, those who where either too self absorbed, or too arrogant to stop, and look. I thank them for taking the time, and giving my work a home.

All the pictures for free art: La Jolla can be seen at the free art: la jolla flickr site.



Sunday August 11 2013 San Diego had some streets closed to all vehicle traffic.

People were invited to ride, walk, skate, and enjoy.

I chose to walk most of it, with a couple of miles added on the south end.

A very enjoyable urban hike, without the noise and fumes of cars, buses, and trucks.

I hope this happens more often.


on the way

Flying to Vancouver via Denver.

Never flew over the Grand Canyon before.

Makes we want to hike in again.


getting home

I changed my flight. I thought it was all done, all good, and I continued to advocate for my father, in the hospital, with end stage of heart failure. And we checked out possible 'homes' where my mother could live. It was all exactly what they and us had never wanted the end of their lives to be, but it is.

When I tried on-line check in the night before I was to leave, I got a message saying to check-in at the airport. I finished packing, sat around for awhile talking with my sister, and went to bed. I awoke, or got out of bed, at 5AM. A family friend in from Toronto came by at 5:18 to drive to me to the airport. I tried on-line check in again. Error message, call xxx.xx.xxxx, I did, where upon I was informed I had no reservation. This was not good, I had to be at work the next day. Flying on points, not always the best. On-line searches for flights, phone calls, on hold, what should I do. Finally someone on the other end of the line, and it was their mistake. I vaguely remember the agent changing my ticket, saying there would be an email. An email I never got. Who really dropped the ball, me dealing with aging parents, or the airline agent I spoke to change my ticket. An upgrade to business class, that was nice. Spent more time with my parents, took the Canada Line to the airport, flight delayed, wine bar (not the first class lounge), and I am on my way home. Another delay, this time it’s the first class lounge, which is extremely unimpressive.

Moving very, very far from two people that have afforded me an amazing life. And their future. They are dying, but where exactly will that be. It really sucks that I will not be there for them every day until that day. I am very sad. But, as my very practical mother (even with her stroke damaged mind), says to me, there is nothing we can do about it. We will be fine.

This feels like the most heart wrenching thing I have ever been through. Even more than the phone call about my brother, suddenly dead at the age of 30. When I had to take an extremely long flight up to Vancouver, with my dad, to get to my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law, so we could make the arrangements. That was so sudden and unexpected. This feels so long and drawn out.



art & politics

From the movie, Lottery of Birth. Part of the Creating Freedom series


I just want to scream

Check your F----ing bags!!!
Over 1 hour to board a plan is crazy.


art LA

Yesterday a great day of art in LA, starting at LA Louver. Was really taken away with the work of Matt Wedel.

Then it was over to L&M Gallery, which unfortunately will be closing soon. The work exhibited was very good, as was the architecture.

Found out the architects were wHY Architecture. It will be interesting to see what this space/spaces become next. Interestingly one building had been a power station and Ray Bradbury once lived on the site in a craftsman home.

We went over to Kayne Griffin Corcoran, at the new location designed by James Turrell.

Wonderful exhibit of James Turrell's Roden Crater. And we accidentally had the opportunity to experience a perceptual cell, when we filled out and signed the release form, went in there, and started the program, and then a staff member kicked us out. Apparently you needed to have a reservation, and someone needs to be there. 

Not the most approachable space (you have to be buzzed in), or staff. Then lunch in Culver City, after which more galleries. Most notable was Cherry and Martin and the work of Florian Morlat.

Then the work of Marisol Rendón at Luis de Jesus was very good.

Last stop was Bergamot Station, best experience there was Joyce Pensato at Santa Monica Museum of Art. And after seeing her work I am itching to draw.

A most inspiring day.

2 many private spaces


Sketchbook Project 2013

My sketchbook is on tour. I received a message that it was viewed twice in Toronto ON, at the Distillery Historic District. My very good friends/family were gracious enough to take time out of their busy lives to check it out. THANK YOU!

It has been viewed now 5 times. It will be interesting to see how many times it gets viewed while on tour, and how many people I don't know take the time to check it out.

Sketchbook Project 2013 call number at the mobil library, 200.2-6

And they did a fantastic job of digitally archiving it for the Digital Library