aging me

The other day I heard about someone who was not comfortable with getting old.

This made me aware of how I enjoy the process of aging.

How this process affords me opportunities to learn.

My aging process thus far is physically a healthy one, and I am very grateful for this.

I enjoy the process of aging because I am healthy and still learning.


this plant & this cat

this plant loves this corner

this cat loves to hangout



Sometimes I need to be a “tough” person.
It’s uncomfortable.
It’s uncomfortable for those I need to be tough with.
It’s uncomfortable for me.

I hear myself defending being tough.
I defend it to myself, I defend it to others.

Then I question, why do I need to defend myself?

There is nothing wrong with being strong and firm.

There is no need to justify it, to others or myself.

Sometimes it is necessary.
Therefore it is a good thing.

I need to accept this in myself. I can accept this about myself.


mothers day 2009

Today is Mothers Day and it is difficult for me to separate a celebration of a parent, for my parents are truly a team and I love them both so much.

They are two of the best role models I have. And as my role models I have learned a great deal and continue to learn from them. They are such great examples. These two people have worked together for a long time, have lived together for an even longer time, have taken risks, and are not afraid of change. They choose to continually learn, and are accepting, compassionate, and caring. For me these are some important basics, and only touch what they have given me.

I am very grateful to have such inspiring role models as my parents and on this mothers day I am grateful my mother saw the potential in marrying my father 55 years ago.

Thanks Mom!! XOXO