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free art: cart 04.20.12

Yesterday was the roll-out of the free art: cart , Market and Euclid in front of Food4Less. It's a very interesting area, there's a trolley stop, lots of buses, a strip mall with a Starbucks, and a small framers market on Fridays 3-7. We arrived around 3:30 and there are lots of kids around. I make the decision to set up in front of Food4Less.

Moved slightly to the east of the front door, and the first "customers" enthusiastically checked out what I was giving away, taking a piece each.

This artist paints t-shirts, and chose a piece to inspire a new design, how awesome is that! I was really not sure how the experience would be, and it was wonderful. The free art: cart a success thus far.

And, I am so grateful that my friend Jennifer came out and was able to document the event. Thank you Jennifer in helping with this project and getting 12 yaya pieces a home.

It has taken so long to get to this point in this project, and I am a little overwhelmed with how fantastic the experience was. It was on my calendar to roll-out the cart 4 times a year, but right now I have lots of work, so I am thinking again in May.


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Korea Town



Maybe I'm having too much fun, but fun is addictive. I now go out with yaya, the hand colored torn paper circle, and yaya...ya the sticker circle.

yaya...ya has been out twice now. During our first walk I had many questions about how it should be used. During the second walk it became a bit clearer, and after downloading the photos, it is clear enough (at least for now).

And just like with yaya documentation is archived on Flickr.


Easter Egg


productive art day

yaya...ya came

and we took a walk, with yaya

and rolled out free art: art

more about it all, hopefully tomorrow