80+ degrees F

Got a Florida Canyon hike in before the rest of the day to be spent inside.


this thanks

Today was a most gorgeous day for a walk, before going to work at IKEA. Our business is surviving nicely in this economy, my mother IS recovering from a stroke, there are many wonderful people in my life, I don't live in a war zone, and I have the luxury to be creating art.

This Thanksgiving weekend there is much for me to be grateful for, as there is every day of my life.


tank to tankless

For day one, when we took ownership of this building I wanted to replace the water heaters with tankless.

Yesterday it happened.

While it was happening I moved the computer and printer to the kitchen. Modern technology is marvelous, it was not a difficult thing to do at all. Now the remodel for the office/studio/guest suite will continue.

While this happens my office is moving to the other side. I will have to organize it some more, but it is very functional.

Anxiety triggers: moving things around, make-shift work space, kitchen work space severely impacted, and spending a lot of money. Today I can see it will all work out, and we feel really good about the switch from water sitting in 3 tanks, to our beautiful new, energy efficient unit.


if I could change

There are some things I want to change.

1. world peace, for the safety of all life, and the environment. An added bonus would be the Naval Hospital in Florida Canyon could be taken apart and recycled.

2. all bridges are accessible to bicyclists and pedestrians. No cars only bridges.

3. Florida Street running through Florida Canyon, broken up, recycled, and the canyon restored.

 This is just a partial list, accumulated while on todays walk.


san diego - vancouver - san diego - vancouver

Last night was the craziest Face Time yet.
As we were talking to my parents on my Mac I got my iPhone and and Face Timed my sister. My mom modeled her new outfit for us, which meant my sister watched my mother through my phone on the monitor of my computer.

Our Apple addiction continues.

from public to private and back

My attempt to journal privately was very short lived. I tried doing it with Pages, then downloaded a program, and I just was not happy with either.

It must be that I have become comfortable with this blog format and don't want to but any time and effort into figuring out another format.

In just a short time, things have changed again. My desires for reclusiveness have to be adapted, as my internal dialogue project continues in this format. I think my friend Noel must know what is good for me. Thanks Noel.