summer salon series wk 12

A friend met me there and we started at the Gustav Stickley exhibit and joined in on a docent tour.

Miki Iwasaki's Don't Fence Me In was elegant, functional, and fun.

I should have taken pictures.

We participated in a game to find pieces by Matthew Hebert throughout the museum.

We found them all and got our glow in dark bracelets which we wore to the Pecha Kucha presentation by the San Diego Architecture Foundation. This was my first Pecha Kucha which was entertaining and edcuational. I will have to check out more of these.

Smelling the City by Brian Goeltzenleuchter and Katharine Whitcomb had an adverse effect on my lungs.

I remember feeling before this summer stated thinking and feeling that it was already over, and now it just about is. Only 2 more Summer Salon Series nights.


nail polish

Every summer I paint my toe nails.
Each summer is either a new color, or using up the previous summers bottle.

This year I started with a color my Mom had left me. It was a color that reminded me of Rachel, my grandfathers third wife. I used it all last summer and loved it. Every time I looked down and saw the beautiful pink I thought of my Mom and Rachel.

In July the bottle came crashing down and went all over the bathroom. Most of it I got up, some is still on the floor and on the back of the toilet.

My nails lasted though the trip to Vancouver, but needed to be redone as soon as I got home. I started to take it off, only to find the nail polish remover was too old to work properly. To fix this toe nail color problem has taken over a week. I was even out in public a couple of times with messy exposed toe nails, not good.

The old polish got removed on Sun and the new color applied Tue night. This morning I saw the new color in daylight. It is a very strange pink. Nothing like the beautiful pink my Mom had given me.

There is no recreating the past. It is gone, I hope my memories will stay with me .


the other day

I picked up 5 bags of dog shit

And then I wrote:


culture afternoon - evening

Yesterday afternoon I took a break from uploading, downloading, and organizing images.

First stop was the Apple Store, Fashion Valley for a workshop on iMovie.

Very very noisy store, but I was able to get some helpful information, which should facilitate getting me back into a little video production.  I am sure I don't need the Final Cut program, but once I get working on video I'll know better.

Next was Quint Contemporary to see some of Manny Farber's work.

Always a lush treat to experience.

Quick stop at the Pannikin for a decaf soy latte, and 1/4 of a fabulous lemon bar.

Then on to Art Produce Gallery's garden for the Sugar Museum's PopFizz experience.

The Sugar Museum wonderfully combines art and education, through playful experience and experiment.

The pop I made was coconut milk,  with chopped basil and ginger, in sparkling water. Refreshing and spicy!

Then a quick stop at home to get a warm layer of clothing and off to SDMA for the Summer Salon series where I was lolled into a state of relaxed contemplation by the performance of Mobil 4.

SDMA website: "For this live music performance, Ben Houge has combined his background as a musician and composer with his experience designing musical scores for video games.  Rather than requiring each performer to keep track of sequences and repetitions, a computer will make random or algorithmic decisions in real-time, presenting the results to performers as a scrolling score that combines traditional musical notation with the real-time awareness of music videogames like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. This system introduces a new kind of spontaneity into live performance, much like playing a videogame, which enforces a musical logic while still ensuring that no two performances are ever alike."

And I played with Adam Manley's Build Your Own City: Suburban Poolscape.

Although I feel very much behind on my projects, this break was well worth it.

crossing i805 project

This project started last Sat, with a limited amount of participants.

Tomorrow will be our second meeting.

I wonder if there will be more or less people.

I wonder if I alone could sustain this project.

In any case, I've started to document it on my website: crossing i805 project

First meeting at 2738 University


catching up

traveling to and from Vancouver

working on getting pictures off iphone and camera

although the iphone was used far more

almost lost the circle a couple of times

but it is not ready to go

the circle plant project continues



pictures on the iphone

24 pictures on the point & shoot

and the photos I took with my sister's point & shoot on flickr

Back and Overwhelmed


what does it mean

to say goodbye

I hold back a floodgate of tears, overflowing emotions

I am not saying goodbye to this beautiful country

My family

They are a part of my life, far or near

The next time we part ways

I must remember, it is not goodbye, it is, talk to you later