Yesterday I had a full on sinus attack. Probably a combination of nervous anticipation to the arrival of test day and a change in barometric pressure.

In any case, nothing would alleviate the sneezing, runny noise and sinus pressure. Studying was very difficult.

I slept the usual, on and off, due to hot flashes.

Got up at 6 and the noise was still not good. What choice did I have, none, it is what it is. Quickly reviewed LEED CI materials, took a practice test, showered and took another practice test. Anxiety was not lessening. Got to the test location, went over the short notes and said to my self “that’s it, I know what I know” and went inside.

As I signed in I was told I could not take my clean handkerchief in, nothing could be brought in, except the foam ear plugs. I took them, maybe I’d need them for my noise. Worst case scenario would be I’d use my sweater and skirt.

I started to take the test and although I knew I knew a lot of the material I was nervous and the questions were very foreign. I had grown accustomed to the practice tests.

I went through, marking some, skipping others. Got through it all and started going through the marked questions, then I remembered to go through the incomplete ones. For some reason I thought I had marked all the ones to go back to, but I had not. As I went through some got unmarked and some remained marked. Marking was an easy way to go back to them. Finally I got to a point where none were marked and then I reviewed all of them. This was good. During this review I my nerves where calming down. I was becoming familiar with the questions. I changed some answers. With 4 minutes of the 2 hours remaining it was time to end the test. I wanted to review again, but no time, so I hit the end button. Then of course you’re asked if you want to end the test. Okay, end the test. The computer then takes what seems like minutes, but is really seconds, and up pops up your score.

I had to fight back the tears. Pass or fail I know I would have been fighting back tears.

Gratefully, I will not have to go through this test again!

I’m exhausted.


relief is coming

Studying for the LEED exam has been as difficult as everyone said it would be.

I am excited about all that I have learned.

I am nervous about taking the exam.

It will be over one way or another soon and today knowing this seems like a relief.

Firewalker thinks being on my desk is helping me study, maybe it is.


biased opinion

I am noticing that I cannot be non-biased about the work, be it art or architecture, when I have formed an opinion about the person creating it.

It has come to my attention through negative perceptions so I know it’s true with positive perceptions.

I wonder how teachers deal with this. Good thing I didn’t go into teaching.


study challenge

I was just thinking

Because I have been focused on studying for the LEED CI exam I have not been creative.

I have not been designing, finishing the Grand Canyon series, or working with the many source images I’ve gotten since Jan.

But as I write this I know I have been creatively studying. Knowing this alleviates the anxiety that I should be working in the studio.


Jun 7 & 8


What I’ve noticed for us is that because we are self-employed we know our debt will increase during an economic down turn. We will have to use lines of credit, and credit cards to make it through. We have gone through it before.

What’s interesting is that during an economic down turn there are great opportunities to buy. There are fabulous sales and offers of zero % interest for extended periods of time.

Our buying goes up during economic down turns. It does seem a little out of wack to do this, but we do.

We are helping the economy.

Soon we will be working like crazy.

We will not have time to be consumers and we will pay down our debt.


Until the next economic down turn.


I finally got a map of the local parcourse. I finally got by butt out there to do the parcourse.

I finally know how out of shape I’ve really gotten, especially my upper body.
I could not do many of the upper body exercises.

I finally know there is no more time to be delusional about being fit.

I finally know it is time to get my muscles strength back, no excuses.