My Bedroom

It may not be perfect but I love it.



Yesterday the stars aligned and gave me the opportunity to go to a naturalization ceremony for a friend from Hungary. It was awesome, 700+ adults from over 70 countries all becoming United States citizens. This was the second such ceremony I had the honor to attend, the other was Canadian.

In the afternoon, I felt like there was a shift and the stars where very much out of alignment form me. As I felt this, I knew it will change tomorrow. And so it has, and today I realize the stars are always aligned. Sometimes its just not the alignment I want.


new for me

Last weekend I did the hike, Lake Poway to the peak of Mt. Woodson.

It had been awhile since I'd done up up up and down down down, and it was as much fun as I remember.

I was astounded with what was on the top. Seeing it all does not help with any paranoia of being watched.

The next 2 days I really felt the upper part of my legs, I think it was the down down down part.

It did make walking down Texas St, and down any stairs a bit painful, but very good at the same time.


free art

In Jan we were having to clear out my parents condo because they moved into a wonderful assisted living complex. Some of the things we were clearing out were my art.

This piece went to the Livingroom Drop-In center, a wonderful space where people have access to computers, blankets and clothing, learning program, and much more. I have no idea what happened to this piece, was it hung up at the center, sold, or given away. In any case it got a new home and hopefully brought a little cheerfulness to that new home.


empty nest

Kombu has left us, and it is very strange not to have, him, his brother or uncle with us any longer.

It was his time to move on. He did not look like he used to. He survived a lot. There was the time he was almost eaten by a dog, on his first day with us, when he fit in the palm of our hands. There was the hunting expedition, 3 days, with his brother and uncle (we thought they were all dead). The urinary track blockage, with surgery. The eye removal, and biopsy, revealing he had cancer in his eye. Hyperthyroid, 2 stokes, and who knows what else this little baby of ours endured.

And we will remember him with a lots and lots of love.


A place

This place is a favorite for the homeless in San Diego