Robert Irwin garden
Federal Building, San Diego


it's been a long time

Yesterday I got home in time to see the Black Keys performance at the Grammy's, the only thing I watched.

It's been a long time since I purchased an entire album (if it's even called an album any more). Today I completed the album. It's been a long time since I listen to music while practicing art. Today I did, and it was fun. Then I found the official video of Lonely Boy and LOVE IT!

Cannot wait to walk to work tomorrow, listening to El Camino. Thank you Black Keys and Anthony Bourdain (who introduced me to them, on No Reservations).


keeping warm

The weather, for San Diego, has gotten chilly.

Our new Hudson's Bay 6 point wool blanket is working beautifully.

Although it's not the traditional green, red, yellow, blue strips. It is contemporary (millennium strips), steeped in tradition.