gift wrapped

67 pieces wrapped and ready to go to LA.

That gift wrapping job at Liberty House while in art school paid off.

That was really a great job. When it was busy it was fun to see how fast you could wrap. And when it was slow, most nights, I would get a good 2 hours of reading in.

I'd also get all kinds of gift wrapping supplies when they changed papers & ribbons, and then when they went out of business. I am most fortunate, because most of the jobs I've had have really been good ones, with lots of memories.


I'm okay with that

There are just 9 more works to frame, and I cannot believe how much I like this work. There is nothing political about it. They are not advant-garde, they need not special installation. They can be hung on any wall to be enjoyed.

To me they are just beautiful, and enjoyable, and surprisingly, I am okay with that.

I find myself letting go of the idea that my art needs to make a statement, that I should be striving to make a difference through my art, that there needs to be more.

I like that they are beautiful, that they make me smile, and they keep my interest. Seeing them framed makes them more precious, and I'm okay with that.

The framing has been a lot of work, not my favorite thing to do, but it have given me more time with with work, and I will soon miss it.

Soon I will have the 500th picture of the circle device on plants. I have a lot of work ahead, and every time I question, is this work really good, I will let it go, and be okay with it.


Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mother's 80th birthday. She is a changing person, like all of us. I wish some of the changes were not because of the stoke she had, but she is still the essence of her being.

Even though she is very tired all the time, she has such a great sense of humor, and this is an inspiration. I am very proud of her, and grateful that she is my mother. I will see her soon on FaceTime, and hopefully they will be down in April, so I can have some live cuddle time.

To Bun: You are always such a great role model for me. Thanks, and I love you tons. Happy 80th!!!!


Getty distraction

I got up to the Getty Center Feb 4th so see the exhibit, Cross Roads, park of Pacific Standard Time, the day before it closed.

I had taken the pictures of the circle device and x device take while there, off the iPhone. But, the other pictures have remained. As I work framing the prints for the show at LA Artcore, I have been documenting the prints, with of course, the iPhone (my preferred camera). I keep seeing the images from the Getty and that wonderful day continues to bring me a smile.

It's a little distracting, which is why I've taken the time to stop framing and archiving, and get these pictures off the iPhone.

Life gets sometimes makes me forget how much I love going up there. I really must visit more often.


freeing up time

Life has gotten very busy for me.

I have a lot I am doing and more I want to do.

If I don't write down my internal dialogue, keep it internal.

If I stop with the Facebook.

I should have more time.