work in LA

Yesterday I brought my work to LA for the show at LA Artcore.

Traffic, not bad at all, expected worse.

Met Hee Ouk Kim who is also showing and her husband Whi Boo Kim who is also an artist. We had coffee and tea and got to know a little about each other while we waited for Lydia Takeshita the Executive Director.

Then we spread out our works and through the well trained eye of Lydia everything was laid out ready for Pranay Reddy to install.

My life has been so busy that I had not given much thought to this show, which is nice. I’ve had no expectations, things just flow.

I am very grateful for this opportunity. It is such an honor to have my work installed on walls other than my studio.

Thank you to everyone involved with and supporting LA Artcore.


SD art community

Saturday evening I went to a panel discussion about the art community in San Diego.

There were some very interesting points made and ideas thrown out.

It is sad that we have such a poor perception of our art community.

Maybe things will change when we change our perception.

The art community here is what it is.


doubt value, value doubt

Today while walking thoughts raced around my head in overlapping circles. Emails, school projects, dying clothing, painting the hall, and the frustration at the beginning of the process for the Grand Canyon series.

Then I remembered while backpacking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, hiking the next day to Ribbon Falls, and backpacking out on the third day, I never doubted that I would do it; and I had been in the experience of every moment of being there, I had been completely there.

I need to be in the moment, present.

And I saw them.

And I realized the beginning process for the Grand Canyon series is what it is. I learned a lot for it. With out the frustration, doubt, questions, I could not have gotten to where it is now.

It’s not big deal. It is what it is. It does have value.


doubt blocks

I thought maybe the Grand Canyon series would not happen.

Maybe all those guides the ranger had sent to me will not be used. Maybe they will all end up in the recycling, which could have happened without shipping them to me.

I kept going.

And it came.

Like backpacking in, around, and out it this has been difficult, unlike backpacking in, around, and out I had doubts.

Today the doubts are gone and like backpacking in, around, and out of the Grand Canyon, I can experience the process fully.

How do I keep doubt from blocking and maybe even stopping?

Maybe notice and keep going.


mud and snow

it was really nice

being out in the wilderness

the trail, mud and snow

it had been awhile since I'd been in snow




at nature




wind clean


mother nature

has been cleaning the palm trees


winter is back here

Before the much needed rain started falling.
We did a walk through the park.

Trees where in full blossom.

It was the first week in Feb.

There were these flowers.

Some looked as thought they were normal.

Others not.

I really like the different ones.

For three days it’s rained on and off, hard and soft, thunder and lightning.

Almost 2 inches has fallen and it has been nice.

Today I hiked up a mountain and it rained on us.

Winter is really nice here.


precious resources

I am very fortunate to have such great role models.

Through them I have access to living examples.













And ………………………….

I am very grateful to have such precious resources.

Thanks to all of you!