I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Facebook.

It feels very public and I’m not sure how public I want to be. My blog is public but I know it is not that accessible. Someone would really have to be interested.

And if I am not participating, and sharing, then it feels very voyeuristic.

Maybe I don’t care enough about what everyone is doing, and thinking?
And do I have time?

Maybe I care too much and sometimes it is upsetting.
And I don’t like being upset.

I like how I’ve reconnected with people I lost contact with, but I wonder how connected we really are.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about this and it was so nice to be connecting through verbal communication.

For now, for me, Facebook will be less.


sketching can be fun

For the architecture design class we were told a good way to practice drawing buildings was to sketch over a picture.

This is a first for me.
During all of my fine art education I was never told I could sketch by tracing over a photo.

And I never knew about this flimsy sketch paper.

What fun!


There is a burial site for dead trees.

We go by it often.

I wonder if these trees might come back.

We recently went to Costco. There still isn’t much we’d buy there.

Not even:
I wonder what they will sell next.


practice making the bed

Sometimes it seems like life is getting away from me.

Everything is coming at me, one after another, after another.

I thought it was important for me to always make the bed because we live in such a small space. Having an unmade bed made our place feel more cluttered and smaller.

Today I realized there is another benefit to making the bed.

It is calming, and as I go through the act, it brings an order to my life.

I think I realize that life is out of control, I have no control of it, and a little practice like making the bed grounds me within this chaos.


getting back

It feels good to be getting back into better physical condition.

Yesterday’s beach hike, Cardiff State Beach to Carlsbad State Beach and back reminds me how much a flat beach walk really works you.

Due to high tide we did have to leave the beach a couple of times.

On the bike ride today I felt stronger.

Another fabulous weekend in San Diego!


mix muse

Yesterday I went back to the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, to see again, before it comes down, MIX, featuring 9 architects from San Diego

I have really enjoyed this show and am grateful for being able to see it on many occasions.

It reminds me how much I enjoy the process of design.

It informs me about where architecture can go.

It entertains me with aesthetics that challenge me.

And, I am also thrilled that my favorite Robert Irwin piece is back.

Yesterday I asked the gallery guard it I could take a picture and he said no.

This makes me wonder why we cannot take pictures at museums. Obviously the images are already out there.

I hope some day museums will be less restrictive because maybe this would help them become more accessible.

It’s kind of sad that there were so few people at the museum yesterday.

I really wish museums were more accessible, for the public to attend, and artists to exhibit.

Yesterday as I drove away it seemed elitist and I wondered why I want to show in museums.

The spaces are so fabulous, and although they are not the most accessible venue they are an access to more viewers.