Dear Nemesis

On Sunday I met a friend at MCASD to see the show Dear Nemesis, Nicole Eisenman 1993-2013.

So nice to experience engaging, provocative work that has you thinking, and is visually beautiful.

I will go back and see the work again before it leaves.


Orange is the New Black

This morning, after finishing my third time watching, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, I thought maybe I'd give Orange is the New Black a try. I have had reservations about watching it, but everyone just raves about it.

It was well written and entertaining, and I can see getting sucked in. But I can not shake my feelings of conflict. How is it right to use imprisonment as entertainment?

There are so many reasons people are imprisoned, from doing acts against the law, to acts agains people and animals, acts against government, to speaking out again injustice, and on and on. My experience on Alcatraz with @Large kept coming back. I can understand a documentary about imprisonment as an experience, but a comedy-drama. this subject being used for the sake of entertainment was making me uncomfortable.

I can understand how someone going through the experience that Piper Kerman had, wanting it to be positive, maybe make sense of it, do something with it. How writing a book about this experience could be important to her and her understanding of this experience, but should imprisonment, of any kind be made light of. To me this seems wrong on multiple levels. To me it feels unethical.

I see why TV can be addictive, I could easily turn off my internal dialogue and keep watching, but 2 episodes will be it.