Figment free art: cart

Wonderful day at the Figment San Diego event today. Chicano Park was a perfect venue, perfect weather, and very appreciative recipients giving my art a home.

The interesting thing was people first thought they were all the same, and then thought they were just a photograph. The were very surprised when I said they were not all the same, which led them to picking up a bunch and go through them. As they picked them up they would realize there was something not quite "right" for a photo. Then we would talk a bit about the process.



Today I received an invitation to connect with someone I met recently, on Linkedin.

Then I was FaceTiming with a murual friend and became interested in linking in.

When I registered I think it automatically contacted people in my contacts, who are also on, or in, Linkedin.

I am horrified.

And conflicted. Do I stay linkedin or link out, quickly?


wind tunnel

It was the beginning of May when we saw this show at Not An Exit gallery

Bread & Salt Building, 1955 Julian Ave, San Diego CA 92113.
To see The Wind Tunnel by Richard Gleaves.

I was out of town when the reception happened, but Richard was kind enough to meet us at the space, where we had the pleasure of having a private showing, and it was a great experience. Really nice to have experiential work happening in San Diego.

Here's my little video:

Thanks Richard!