Today I went to Facebook to verify my deletion.


A couple of nights ago we watched the Social Network, and although much of it could be fiction, it just seems to feel like much is not.

I am very glad to be off Facebook.


a more walkable city

My walking commute to work is getting safer. Probably 90% safer! Thank you San Diego!


Making walking accessible

The sidewalk on Texas is coming right along. Really looking forward to using it.


this, not that

While riding home yesterday I pondered some of my involvement with the art community. There has been one particular incident in which I am left feeling used. I think this was not intentional. There where artists inspired to new projects, and/or take some of what I did. This was very nice. And, I have no problem not being paid, that was a given when I dove into participating.

What has made me feel, not so comfortable, is that I was never given any kind of recognition, not one mention. Is there a lesson I can learn. Not to dive head first, not to give so much of myself and time. Am I more careful about working with other artists? Do I question their motives. (I don't like how these thoughts are now going.)

Today I will go out with free art: cart, and give away the last of the pieces created for the show in LA This means I will create new work for free art: cart. This project is wonderful to work on, every aspect of it.

I can focus on this and not that.


more yarn

The neighborhood is getting some very nice decorations.