universal connection

This past Sunday Sept 27 2015 there was a lunar eclipse, a super full blood harvest moon.

As we walked thru the neighborhood we saw many outside, looking up into the sky. We went to a nearby park where there were even more people, all focused on the moon, with the exception of a group of men playing soccer. A very nice person shared his binoculars, as we remembered we'd forgot ours.

The entire event was 5+ hours, and in our neighborhood it was an event, and it was amazing to have a visual of us in the middle of the sun and the moon. 


world peace

World peace happened on 09.26.15 at 3:47pm PST. 

I was brief.

A couple of posts ago I posted about wishing for world peace. http://lori-internaldialogue.blogspot.com/2015/09/a-minute.html


free art: cart Encanto

Yesterday free art: cart Encanto happened. It lasted 13 minutes.

The experience with this art: cart reminded my how diverse our population is, and how isolated I am to it.

All the images can be seen at art: free art: cart Encanto


always surprised

Just finished documenting free art: cart Encanto. (These pieces will be given out at the Encanto trolley stop).

I am surprised that I do like these pieces.

It's a bit strange, but I am always surprised when I like my work.


a minute

Sonja Picard makes wrist wraps and at this time I am wearing my third one.

The wishes for the others I've worn always dealt with my parents, health, happiness, and comfort.

As my sister tied on the one I wear today I thought it would be nice to expand my wishes. The wishes were, world peace, world health, and world happiness.

This wrist wrap has lasted the longest. Every day I look at it and wonder when. Last night I dreamt that each remaining silk strand broken, one at a time, in slow motion, and for one brief minute everything in the world was right, and everyone in the world felt it.