free art: bag

Free art: bag
For the North Park Art Festival

Went very well. All the images are on flickr


free art: North Park Art Festival

37 pieces ready

Will head over there in 20 minutes and see how it goes.


Richard Meier project

Went to spend some more time at the Robert Irwin garden, downtown San Diego on Sunday. I finally went up the long gradually sloped entry to the front door.

I was in stunned, how could it be that there was a Robert Irwin garden at a this was a Richard Meier building. After everything that happened between them at the Getty Center. No mention of Robert Irwin on the registry.

I walked around the building, for the first time really looking. This is fantastic, a Richard Meier building IN SAN DIEGO!

As I walked around the building, sent time in the gardens I started to wonder, is this the Robert Irwin project, had he been kicked off. I could not find anything, in writing, to confirm or deny. Back up to the front.

And there it is.

So how is it these two come to work together, or did they. It looks like Michael Palladino was the lead designer on this project.  Some information on the building is on the US General Services Administration site.

Looking forward to more time, with this building and the garden. All my pictures from this visit on Flickr


free art: La Jolla

The project has started and I have surprised myself again, with how much I enjoy the process. 

Photographs, printed by Snapfish, are cut down to 2.75 x 2.75 inches. Cardboard, originally used for the Canyon installation, are cut to 4 x 4". Wide clear archival tape is used to attach the photo to the cardboard, and once the silver extra fine point pens arrive, I will start "painting".

This little works of art will be on hooks within a frame, ready for take away. I will have 200+ made to replenish the hooks.

The piece will be entered into the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library's 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition. We'll see if free art: La Jolla will make it to La Jolla for this. But, for now there is still a lot more work to do.