back to digital

It has been awhile working digitally.

I have a new computer, and am having to figure everything out again.

I keep printing and printing. Each time watching to see as it emerges.

There are I things I like and things I don’t.

This one print I have been working on for weeks. This makes me realize that the prints for free art: cart will take longer than I thought.

And I remember how much I enjoy this process.



#100 image of the first month of the circle plants project

a-recluse artist: step 2

To like of not to like, this is the question.

If I like, I show up, thereby not being reclusive.
If I like, even on other sites, this will show on my Facebook profile. And I don’t like that.
I will not be a total recluse artist, even though, today, I feel like being one. I can like something, and then delete it on my profile. I wonder if that would mean I do not like.

I am not sure what to do about this like.

For now I will not like. Later I may like.


blog as therapy

It is time for me to accept that my path is not one that will “change” the world, art or larger. Or, for that matter make any significant difference.

I can continue to create, be conscientious of the environment, animal & human rights, and have my opinion & ideas.

I will work on being compassionate, nonjudgmental, understanding, and accepting.
Maybe my art practice, over time, will show a glimpse of what I can and will do.

Today I reorganized some work on Flickr and my website, and continued with some projects.
As I see a way to move forward. I know it’s all good, and again, realize how fortunate I am.


just another art practice crisis

I have been thinking about my practice.

I am wondering if any art practice can facilitate change, or awareness. I am wondering if it is an efficient and effective method for change. I am wondering if an art practice can separate itself from being about the artist, the practice, with the information one wants to get out there. Can it be just about the message.
It is feeling like an arrogant position for an art practice. I start to feel uncomfortable.

I am questioning what I want my practice to be. I am not sure, but I do know, I do not what it to be, an in-your-face, this is what I think, practice. Who am I to shove what I think at you. I need to stop that.
I think about my Free Art project. It being partially about bringing awareness of contemporary art to a population, I think, are unaware of it. As I ponder this, I get more uncomfortable, and realize this is not what I want my practice to be about.
I think of abandoning the Free Art project altogether. But, I like to create digital prints, and I don’t want them being stored in the studio. I would prefer, if someone likes one, that they have it. The project needs to be just this.

There will be no Free Art Rally that I organize.
There will be no more Facebook posts on my wall, and I am not sure about “liking” something. Does it really matter that I “like” something. Probably not. Might be best to stop this.

I think it is time to simplify my practice. Possibly time to become a semi-reclusive artist. I need to work on becoming the person I want to be, and my art practice will follow.


another purge

A project I was working on, did not work. This is not unusual.
The project was reworking the chicken wire I installed for Yard Appreciation, which was a part of Vacancy III.

The concept was to bring cuttings from Florida Canyon, fix them to the chicken wire, wait and see if the seeds would drop, over the winter the rain would nourish, and this spring Florida Canyon would start to grow.

It did not work.
All we have to do now is pull up the stacks, and we will use the chicken wire for the garden, or in a construction project.
I deleted the photos on Flickr. No muss, no fuss, nothing in the trash or recycling bin.

And I am happy with the end result of this project. 
Am I done with this space?


Billboard Art Project: Savannah

The Billboard Art Project: Savannah was Sat May 14 and I could not get to a computer during the times my projects where up.
The original images






And yesterday I saw the documentation the Billboard Art Project so graciously got, and uploaded to Facebook.

I am very happy with the resolute of my projects within this project. I hope I can participate in more of their projects, and this fall when it comes to Southern California I would make sure to be there to document it.