lots of concept

Yesterday’s LA art run.
First the Hammer Museum to see Outside the Box: edition Jacob Samuel 1988-2010

Jacob Samuel started with the concept of inviting artists to collaborate on print editions, but not having them come to the print shop, instead the artists worked on the medium to  be printed in their studio. Then the piece would be designed and printed by Samuel. I found this to be so generous on the part of both parties and it worked very well as a collaboration.

As the exhibit progresses over time there is a shift where artists come to the print shop, and they are more involved in the design of the book. These I did not find as successful. It seemed as if they became more documentation of the artists work Nothing discovered by either.
I was delighted to be reintroduced to Tom Marioni and his piece The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends Is the Highest Form of Art (1970). Having studied art in the Bay Area I was aware of Marioni, his work, and his influence in conceptual art.

Although I have stopped drinking alcohol if I could get invited into this piece I would have a beer or two.
A video Sugar Water by Eric Baudelaire managed to captivate me. Not only in the subject matter of the piece but the process of the installation of the mural within the piece, layer by layer,by layer, by layer, in the Paris subway.

But watching it for a longer time period showed that the people in the subway where hired and the piece was not taking place in an space where the public was really interacting. This was a little disappointing to discover.
Then it was off the LACMA to check out John Baldessari: Pure Beauty.

I slowly went through the gallery spaces progressing through time and as I got to the work produced in the 80’s joy and delight became overwhelming.
I took a break, went back, sat more and stared.

This exhibit travelled from London, to Spain, LA, and will end in NY.  And as I was driving on the freeway on my way up to LA I noticed the LA freeway signs and thought, San Diego, art suburb of LA.

And I am fortunate that it is. This exhibit would have been one I could have visited often, but my suburb mixed with traffic is not that easy to get out of.
The Serra’s are still housed indoors and it is always fun to be thrown off balance.

My day in LA ended as we drove back talking art.


it was a great experience

Canyon Shadow Play installation is gone.

(warning: do not play in full screen)
There are things I would do different.
I would paint a very wide strip on the south wall to tie everything on it together. or printed the mural the entire length.
 I would come up with a better display of the free prints, something to excite people more about taking a print.
I would have larger print on signage.
I would coordinate the hike and bike event with other organizations like San Diego Canyonlands, for education and awareness.
I would do a Florida Canyon hike and art project.
It is easy to look back and see what I could have done, so I have learnt a lot and this is good.
As I drove away from the gallery after de-installing and cleaning up I was a little sad that I would not be able to stop in, take a breather, and experience the canyon again.

And I look forward to new experiences.


my new prescription

Last night was another night for the Summer Salon Series at SDMA.
Just like all the other ones that I have gone to I was not disappointed.
The piece Prescription Living: A social project, by Joshua Bellfy and Joy Boe was enlightening and inspiring.

Thanks to both of you for the conversation and prescription.

Next week is the last in the series and I am going to miss having this Thursday night experience every week. I have found it 
rejuvenating to be able to attend.



My favorite artist in the exhibit
Viva la Revolucion @ MCASD downtown:

I wonder maybe

The installation Canyon Shadow Play for me has been successful. There are things I would change and do differently which gives me lessons and opportunities.
Overall I think those who have graciously take time from their busy schedules to come to the space have enjoyed the experience. I know there are those who regret taking this time out of their life and I feel badly about that.

I wish the comment had not been left anonymous. When one does this there is no dialogue, and I don’t understand why someone taking the time to write something would not be interested in having a dialogue. We could have had a very interesting conversation, instead we are both left with nothing.
I wonder what art isn’t self indulgent.
I wonder why this viewer saw this installation as more self indulgent than other works.
I wonder if the viewer expects art to be somewhat disturbing.
I remember Robert Irwin speaking about his choice to live in California over NYC; how his work and he are not filled with angst.
I begin to think the statement this person wrote smacks of shallow self indulgence and they have given nothing deep.
Maybe this person saw themselves in my work and did not recognize themselves.
Maybe I can let go and stop thinking about this.


free falling

Is the world in a free fall or is it just my world. It’s all so crazy and if I allow it, it will be out of control.

Is it about control, is there ever any control? The path is forever changing. Can I ever really accept this?

There are things to bring me back and I must remember to do and use them. Last night I went to the Summer Salon Series at the Museum of Art and it is every week I have gone.

I leave inspired and when I remember it helps.


natural AC

This July we had unseasonably cool temperatures, I think the average was 69F. I have really enjoyed the weather this summer but many have not been able to embrace it.

Our natural cooling system known as the marine layer has been thick and often times has not burned off during the day, leaving beach goers saddened. But I know what happens when the marine layer does not come in over night or burns off early in the day, hot and increased fire danger.

Today the marine layer leaves us early, I hope it comes back tonight.