after 3+ years

Today my hair was cut into 2 ponytails, and will soon be off to Locks of Love.


free art: La Jolla

On the sunday of the Labor Day holiday weekend I went into La Jolla to finish free art: La Jolla. This was a piece created to enter into the annual juried show at the La Jolla Athenaeum. It was rejected, and I really should have known better, to think that such a show would ever allow viewer participation.

The back-up plan for the rejection from the show was to set it up on an easel in front of the Athenaeum and give the work out.

Compared to other free art give-aways it was not as nice. There were many who would ignore me, not even a hello back. It took quite awhile to give away 36 out of the 52 pieces created.

Those who did take the time to look at the work, and take 1, 2 or 3, where genuinely excited and grateful. These people, truly off-set, those who where either too self absorbed, or too arrogant to stop, and look. I thank them for taking the time, and giving my work a home.

All the pictures for free art: La Jolla can be seen at the free art: la jolla flickr site.