Life these days are very very full. This can be very very stressful. Maybe I cannot do everything. Do I need to? What can I cut out?

And I wonder, how important is it to be "in" the art community? I don't need it for my practice, it continues.

And I think of Joseph Cornell.


my new blog read

A wonderfully creative co-worker has started a new blog, The Doily Duck, which I am enjoying very much. 

She also makes these wonderful paper dolls, which she sells on Etsy. I cannot wait to get one of these dolls.

There are so many creative people, and it's nice that there are some that are part of my life. Thanks Jessica, love what you are doing.



In between on the bus and on the bus: going home, was the Getty Villa, and the @ architecture project got a large infusion.

All the pictures can be seen @


I am a bit confused

Leaving Torrey Pines State Park beach area parking.

Not sure why they have you going making a left, towards the coast and a right to Interstate 5. Maybe because the route to 5 is very low and towards the coast there is some elevation gain. But is it enough elevation gain to not be swept up by a Tsunami?