thanksgiving 08

It rained last night and today, and it was a good rain.

We watched movies on TV, ate, and napped.
Later in the day we took a walk. The air was clean and clear.

On the walk we decided we would not have our traditional stuffed squash clay baker dish.

We had already eaten too much. The clay baker dish we will have either Fri, Sat, or Sun. This Thanksgiving dinner will be a big fresh salad, and of course, dessert.


luscious life

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays.

It is incredible to be able to give thanks for so much.

I have a luscious life, in an extraordinary time.


eye on Kombu

Kombu had his after eye removal check-up.
Although the stitches used dissolve over time, they did take out what he had left.
He is recovering well.

They said he was very good and they gave him a bonus brushing all over.
He loves to be touched, brushed, combed, and kissed.

The eye which was taken out was biopsied and it did have a tumor and it was cancer.
We will hope the cancer did not spread.

We will have to keep on eye on him, all our eyes on him.


word ecomony

It is difficult to not get sucked into the fear over the economy.

Economic downturn, recession, unemployment, crisis, bailout, and depression.

These words all have such negative associations.

What if there were other ways to word what is happening?

Economic change, departure, opportunity, turning point, rescue, contraction.


easy prey?

Last night our cat Petzel was in the studio talking away trying to get my attention.
I finally looked down and saw he had a small white mouse in his mouth.
He was so proud.
I went to get the camera to document his accomplishment.

He quickly walked outside and away.

I kept hearing him outside talking. I called him in.

The mouse had stiffened.

I saw him start to eat it. I heard him crunching the bones.

I tuned from the computer and saw guts on the floor.

He finished up and left nothing.

There was not even one spot of blood on the floor.

We wondered did he catch a pet mouse. Throughout our neighborhood will we see signs reading? LOST, CUTE WHITE MOUSE, REWARD IF FOUND.


our arrogance

I wonder when we will stop our arrogance.

The Supreme Court has ruled that it is okay for the Navy engages in sonar activities off the coast.

They did this even knowing it kills whales.

Maybe it kills other marine life.

Maybe another country could sue us to stop this activity.

Or, we could stop using military force, which means we could stop training to kill, and killing to train.

Some day we will have compassion for the world.



I enjoy noticing.

Large bolts holding up

Holding down

A very tall antenna.


cat recovery

My darling Kombu.

You are recovering so well.

I wonder.

Do you feel disabled?

Do you miss your eye?

Do you feel depressed?

You are such a good little patient.

You ask for nothing.

You take your mediations.

You do not try and take your collar off.

And you rest.

Kombu, rest up, recover quickly.

You are very much loved.


Nov 6 2008

It is now two days since we elected our next president.

It has been a long time since I have enjoyed election night.

It is wonderful that more people are embracing change.

I hope everyone is willing to do what it will take to change.

I think I am ready, willing, and able.

Although I would never serve my country through military service.

I am ready, willing, and able to serve in many other ways.

I am ready for change, I can help with change, and hope for real change.


My baby Kombu

Kombu is my baby. He loves to be kissed, cuddled, and carried like a baby.

His left eye got worse and worse.

I took him to the Vet.

They said he had glaucoma, and he should see an animal eye specialist.

They said he must loose weight or he will get diabetes.

I prepared for him to loose his eye.

I put him on a diet.

Today we went to the specialist.

They eye must come out

and they could do it today.

When I called to see how he was doing the staff said he was being such a good cat, they were even kissing him.

He is now home.

I need to get upstairs to be with him.

I now know that he should have seen a doctor sooner. If I see this happening in the eyes of our other cats I will not wait.

I feel badly that Kombu has had such a difficult time

I need to accept that I did the best I could.

I know he will recover from his surgery and be healthier and happier.

There will be lots of pictures to come of my baby Kombu and he will look and feel fantastic.