LA Jan 20 2012

Went to pick up postcards for the show.

Saw some Yarn Bombing

Picked up the cutest fresh Mochi at Fugetsu-Do Confectioners before lunch.

And then it was Under the Big Black Sun at MOCA Geffen.

Wonderful to see all this work, although these large survey exhibition do not do justice to the much of the work.

Bruce Conner 'Crossroads' still from film

 Chris Burden 'The Reason for the Neutron Bomb' detail

Suzanne Lacy 'Three Weeks in May' map which was part of the original installation

It was also interesting to see original documents, like Nixon's resignation letter, and projections of what was going on during the time these works were created, approx. 1974-1981. I found myself thinking it wasn't that long ago, and often it seemed like the issues are still here. I wondered if I should be more political in my art practice (and the issues are still here). I wondered how people who did not experience these times, experience this exhibit.

The other exhibit at the Geffen was 'An Epitaph for Civil Rights' works by Theaster Gates. Very appropriate to be in exhibit was most of the work in the rest of the museum.

So, so much work to see, I could have spent a lot more time, but I was got very overwhelmed. Then it was a grande half caf soy latte for the drive south. Traffic not too bad until we hit San Diego County, go figure.

Another wonderful micro mini vacation.


Convention of

sign twirlers, I saw when walking home today.


visual notes: 5

visual notes: 4


Just got home from my first day of walking to work at IKEA. It took just over one hour to get there, then put in a six hour shift (all on my feet), and then an hour and 10 home. Ten miles total.

The scenery, not the best.

And the uphill on the way home. I hope I get stronger soon.


visual notes: 2

Maybe balloons are not so good

These balloons have been in this tree for more than 7 days now. I wonder how much longer, and I remember seeing many ballon remnants in many remote areas.