forwards and backwards

Before the innuendoes, questions about what I wanted to be when I grew up, and observations, I lived in the moment.

I was very young.

Then I remember looking more and more into the future. Trying to know it, figure it out.

Now I find myself straddling between memories, the now, and what’s ahead, and I wonder.

How do I get back to living in the present?

For now I will notice. Maybe this practice will have me living in the present more often.

I wonder if this could help the economy. It makes no difference what money I made before or what money I can make in the future, all I have is what I have now.

So, this is true for everything. Maybe I will remember this.


get it, maybe

I am learning.

I get that there is always change, but I wonder if I really get it.

I get that in me are all human qualities, traits, and emotions, but I wonder if I really get it.

I get that I live in the moment, but I wonder if I really get it.

I am learning a lot, and wonder if I really get it.

Today is cool and cloudy and I am enjoying this.


you brought us here

Watching the 2009 inauguration yesterday was emotional and uplifting.

It’s even been nice rehashing it on the news today.

And I realized.

If we had not gotten to that point, we would not be at the place we are now. Because of you, your administration, how divided are nation got, and how low we sank.

It just won’t have happened and this change we will go through would be.

I look forward to our country being led by an inspired, passionate, intelligent person.

Thank you Mr. Bush for making it possible for Barrack Obama to be our 44th president.
I am grateful.


today is almost over

Today I am very grateful to live in the United States.

I feel a sense of excitement, hope, and change.

Tomorrow is almost here.


body balance

My doctor said he could help me if I helped him.

When I asked how I could help him, he said by following his prescribed diet.

I have been on my new diet for 14 days.

No sugars (of any kind), no alcohol, no wheat, no cheese, no almonds, no chard, no peppers, no spicy food, no buckwheat, no radishes, no caffeine.

Tomatoes and onions only cooked.

When I tell people about my new diet sometimes they ask why these foods.

I did not even think to ask. I am just following.

So far it has not been as difficult as I thought it might be.

I have only twice noticed a craving.

  • 2 days ago, walking into a Starbucks, frappucino

  • today shopping at Whole Foods, cheese sample

I got through it. My allergies and asthma are better.

My body must be getting balance.


1st chanting

Yesterday I went to the Hsai Lai Temple in LA for the Water and Land Dharma Service. This service had taken place at this Temple for 8 years.

I am honored and grateful that I was allowed to participate.

During our day we went from being very cold, to very hot, back to cold.

At the ceremony to mark the end of the Water and Land Dharma we could see the moon and sun in the courtyard.

I think we stood outside chanting, and praying, with a little walking for 2 hours.

Sometimes by body was in pain and I thought I would not make it through. Then just as I was letting the pain go the ceremony started to end.

When I lay down to go to sleep my body was energized, although I was very tired. I was a little nervous that I would not fall asleep.

As I closed my eyes my head filled with chanting.

I slept well, woke up refreshed, clear minded, physically strong, and in the present.

Thank you Hsai Lai Temple and my friends that took me there.


again inspired

I am reading Tuttle the exhibition catalogue for The Art of Richard Tuttle exhibit I saw in 2007 at MOCA LA and I cannot put it down.

It has been a long time since I’ve been so engaged with an exhibit catalogue.

As I read all the essays and revisit the work through the wonderful colored plates I am sorry that I only went up to LA twice to see it, and I that did not read the catalogue while I could see the show again.

Now I long to spend more time with his work, physically.

I will stop being sorry and look for opportunities to be with his work.

I wonder why while I was in art school none of my instructors told me about Richard Tuttle.

I feel connected and I am inspired.

And now I remember, I heard him speak, and after he spoke we all went up to a conference room area, had a drink, some food, and heard him speak again, and I am grateful and fortunate.