The art was both inspiring and disappointing.


The first work we checked out was Walter de Maria's installation.

I found it mesmerizing. A piece easy to go back to again and again.

Then it was lunch at Ray's, good food, with fun people, and great conversation.

Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer was very disappointing.

 I was shocked that the boulder was set on these steel shelves, and that 2 sections of the boulder had been leveled to rest on these awful shelves. Why wasn't the boulder resting on the beautiful concrete walls, why were the walls so far apart?

It had the potential to be an amazing piece and experience but fell very short of either. Maybe it's because I've hiked in areas where this boulder had been extracted and understand the beauty it holds and the experience it gives.

I obviously missed the best part of this piece, the transportation. This would have been amazing to see this mass on a flatbed trailer driving down a street or freeway. The $10 million price tag for this piece makes me discussed in the museum art world. The money could have been much better spent, maybe making the museum more accessible to a more diverse segment of the population. And, I don't even want to think about the destruction the extraction of this boulder was on the environment it came from.

After the shock of this piece I had so looked forward to experience we went into see the Ken Price retrospective.

Forgot all about the boulder. This work was delightful, and brought back many memories of working with clay, the physicality and ability to play with surfaces.

We went over to A+D Museum to check out the exhibit on Eero Saarinen exhibit.

LOVE him!

Back to the museum for a cocktail and a quick view before experiencing the Richard Serra again.

And then Chris Burden's Urban Lights, at night.

What a treat.

There were some things I missed, which I would have liked to see, but it was an extremely full day. A wonderful mini vacation. Refreshed, motivated, and inspired me.



On Fri Dec 28 2012 we went on an LA art run. Most of the time was spent at LACMA. The new addition of the Stark Bar and Ray's was wonderful.

Art breaks with good food, cocktails, and in a nicely designed space. Marvelously genius!


@ 949

I wonder if I can get to 51 more pictures before the end of the year. Tomorrow we will make an art run to LA, maybe I can get a lot of pictures of yaya up then.

I wonder if yaya should retire at 1000? I do have some ideas for a new version.


architecture noticed

Sunday was a day with an urban hike. I decided vary the route and see if I could discover something.

I re-discovered this building, which I had been in years ago.

Then I thought I'd check out the new Federal Building on Broadway and find out if the Robert Irwin garden was accessible to the public.

It was.

I was on limited time, so I will go back and spend some time.


gone longer than expected

My trip to Vancouver was to be 9 days. It turned out to be 25.

The second day was spent in the emergency room of St Paul's Hospital.

That night my Dad was admitted to the hospital.

They found out he had a bug (bacteria), in his blood, and because he has a leaky valve in his heart, the bacteria could grew and it became an infectious mass. Pieces of the infection broke off and cause bleeding in the brain, which caused some seizures. In was on the brink of death. At one point when they knew the antibiotics were working he was told he had to eat or he would die.

He started to eat a bit, and he'll be off the IV Dec 9. He has a very long road ahead. He needs to put on weight and gain back strengh. At 85 he was extremely healthy, on no mediation, and very fit. I am sure he can get back to that, I just wish I could have stayed longer to help.

It was an emotional rollercoaster, the dips have become less extreme, and it is a little difficult being back.