It's not easy

seeing someone you love

After a brain injury

I do see her recovering

It is a slow process 




backed out

I have backed out of participating in the project Twins in Twain. Today the artist contract came, and the deadline is unattainable for me.

If I was not going to Vancouver it would not be a problem, but not one possible silk screener contacted me back about doing the silk screens during the time I’d be gone.

I worked hard on the concept and feel frustrated that I will not be able to bring it to fruition. If only I had known I would have not put so much time into it, and instead worked more on preparing for the project Crossing I-805

and free art: cart

It is what it is.
Knowing I will be spending time with my Mom makes it all good.


to say or not to say

Friday I will go up to Canada.
I feel as though I must be careful suggesting possibilities to my sister about our mother.

She gets very short and snappy whenever I do. I get the feeling she does not want me to make any suggestions. Like it is not my place to do so, maybe because I don’t leave up there. Maybe she is very overwhelmed.

I get hurt by this, and must figure out a way not be be, otherwise my interactions with my sister will go very badly while I’m up there. I must let those feeling go, not attach to them.

It may be best not to make any suggestions to her, keep my mouth shut, and my opinions to myself. I will have to see if I can hold back, and do so.
I can and will talk to my Mom and Dad. Right now my Mom will not remember, so I don’t have to worry about her telling my sister.


two pics of cat

Kombu, his bed buddies, & shinning eye

Kombu at his computer

Pictures sent to me, from his Dad



Looks like we can live without cars.

The freeway looks amazing empty.

May have to get up there when they close it again.

These pictures are from LA Times

Reuters wrote about an airplane bike race!


still trying

It is a constant struggle to eat healthy.

I just like the taste of food that is not good for me.

As my mother recovers from her small stroke, and I get ready to go up to see her, it does not get easier.

Maybe this will help.


do i want to

There is a call to co-workers to bring in pictures of their art.

Do I really want to be rejected by my IKEA co-workers.

I miss getting my rejection letters. All nicely printed or copied on letterhead.

These days the rejections come as a email.

afamous artist does not grow via email


if I don't get it

Today, I was thinking about how there are people that do understand my work.

It is true, it can be considered, that my work is all over the map. I've been told this is not good and I need to focus.

I am focused, just not on one thing.

Today, I realized in some ways I don't understand what I am doing. I often have difficulty talking about my work, which makes sense, if I'm not getting it.

At this stage of my life. At this stage in my career. Does it matter?


happy birthday

my gift to you

a new flag

fly in peace


its easy

To stay young as an artist.
One just remains an emerging artist throughout ones career.