even in traffic

As I sat in the car, waiting in traffic, to go to Trader Joe's, I have a big smile on my face.

I leave my J-O-B smiling, I do my art, there is much love in my life.

I love living in Southern California, I am connected to nature, and much more.

I LOVE my life.

It is not perfect, I'm not perfect, and I love it all.

I am a very fortunate person, and very grateful for the life I have.


the viewer and I

Recently I was asked:

What are some of the differences between the way you experience your work and the way others do?

I know my experience with my work is very intimate. There is a long relationship developed over time, which a viewer does not have.

At the reception where my work is exhibited I was constantly asked specific questions, and I gladly answered them, giving out much information about my process. But I wonder if this is really necessary. Does the work not stand alone without it's history?

When I experience art I take the time to have my own experience. I don't find a need to know what the artist intended, or their process. I very much enjoy this process I go through with the work of others. Sometimes, though, I do purchase the exhibition catalogue, and read it thoroughly, much later, sometime years. What is nice is reading, later, about that exhibit, reconnects me to my original experience with the exhibit. Any extra information I may gain is not necessary.

Right now I am conflicted about how much information I need to give. Maybe for the future there should be a exhibition catalogue. It could be very small. I wonder if I should do this for the Free Art: cart.

How much information do I need to give? (It's really up to me)
Why do people want to know? (It may be that because I am there, they feel a need to ask)
Can people have their own experience? (If I am not there, with the work, they will have their own experience)

Is this needless wondering? Should I be concerned?


little works of art

The work is being installed today at LA Artcore. I took it all up Feb 29, our extra day, this year.

Now, I am very busy continuing to make the 2.5x2.5" pieces, which will be given out at the exhibit.

Unfortunately there is no way to document all these little works of art.

Maybe I'll be able to take pictures of people with the little works of art they choose.