this is

I will no longer pursue a certificate in interior design, instead I will work torward a MArch. I had no idea that I would be so drawn to doing design. I believe this is my time to study this because the path I was on was too intoxicated during art school. Right now I am clean and sober, therefore I believe I can take on the unique challenges of design.

This is revealing.

The exhibit of my work is over in LA and it too was energizing. I will have another show at the LA Artcore Brewery location April 2011. Nicely this will give me time to create a new body of work. I have a lot to work on and I look forward to getting to it.

This is exciting.

Yesterday was another trip north, this time to the LA Louvre in Venice and Bergamont Station in Santa Monica. I didn’t seem to have the ability to follow the Map Quest directions too well, so we had fun seeing new areas. We also saw some amazing art, quite a lot of it.

This is inspiring.

My mouth is in constant pain, there are real problems with my teeth. I am not able to chew. This I brought on myself. I have not gone to a dentist in 15 years. I now have dental insurance in place and will see a dentist in 3 days. I will learn from this.

This is necessary.

This life I am living is a very fortunate one. I know that.

This is amazing.


time to do the job

It would be much more beneficial if people would give Tim Githner time to do his job.

He has inherited a huge mess of an economy, built on a house of cards, which fell.

It will take time to clean up and rebuild.

Look how long it is taking to rebuild ground zero after 9/11.

This disaster is of an even larger magnitude.

I wonder if the previous administration should be considered terrorists and therefore tried as such. They could held at Guantanamo until it’s closed.


at this moment

My life

right at this moment

is in synch


drafting tools

I am finding freehand drafting prefeable to using tools with pencils.

I have such a heavy hand that I always smudge the drawing when I use the traditional drafting tools.

I think I am starting to get Revit.

I can see having the freehand drawing and Revit skills will make drafting enjoyable.


one without the other

Yesterday I did not feel well. As I drove to school the feeling of being overtaken by sickness grew.

Today I am healthy.

The difference between yesterday and today is significant.
It shows me that without yesterday today would not be what it is.

It is true what the Buddhist teachings say. You cannot feel good if you have not felt bad and visa versa. One does not exist without the other.

I have started a campaign to help the economy. I tell everyone the economy is turning around.

It is true what the Buddhist teachings say. You cannot have a good economy if you have not had a bad one and visa versa. One does not exist without the other.

The times will change, they always do.


march time

We had a time change this weekend.

It is not easy for me to adjust. I wish we would change time.

It’s funny that we can just change time. Can we change time because it is not real?

It feels reals and everyone runs on a clock.

I have taken on a lot in my life and I wonder if it is too much. It feels like it is too much because of time. Taking on four classes this semester demands a lot of time. I am loosing time for other things.

But if I think about it I really do have the time I need to do everything I need to do. Some things may have a little less time while other have more.

I will not do four classes in one semester again. Although I know I will get everything done I would like to have more time for some of the things that have less right now.

Lesson learned:
I’m no longer in my 20’s with few commitments.
It is 30+ years later and I have many things I want and have to do.


The reception for the exhibit at LA Artcore on Sunday was so much fun.

It has been a long time since I’ve had a reception and this time felt was so different.

I was not nervous, I spoke easily and comfortable to many people about my work, and I enjoyed myself immensely.

It has also been a very long time since I have seen many pieces displayed together and this was a very informative experience. So much so that I am reinvigorated to work some more with the paper wax ribbons.

I am grateful and honored that friends made the trip from San Diego to LA for this reception. Although it is not extremely far away it is also not an easy trip to make.

What a wonderfully fabulous experience, which I am a very fortunate to be able to have.