a re-visit

While FaceTiming a friend I realized I need a border on the pieces for the Garden Party. 43 out of 100 images had been touched in Photoshop. My heart rate went up and a bit of panic set in.

The Photoshop is step 2 in the process. There are 4 steps total, to get them ready. It took a little playing around to find a system. And as I went through the 43, fixing the image size, and creating a border, it felt good to re-visit them, and see that I liked them.

#57 and hoping to finish step 2 with all of them this weekend. The Garden Party is May 9 2015!


mind reading

I am very grateful my mind cannot be read.

The things that pop into it.


@Large Alcatraz

Feb 21 2015 we watched the Ai Weiwei documentary Never Sorry, and then went into San Francisco to catch the ferry to Alcatraz.

Ai Weiwei's installations were there, but the family I was going with had never been to the island. We spend some time wondering and then started focusing on the installations.

 Yours Truly

The experiences were amazing.


Sometimes it would have been nice to have been there by myself, but this was not possible in this most visited national park.

 Stay Tuned

I am so amazed how I my mind is so challenged and the work so beautiful.

 With Wind

It was not easy to leave for the last ferry off the island.


I fantasize  about getting back up there before the work comes down, and I am very grateful that I was able to experience this work.

All my photos are at: @Large



I almost quit the Sketchbook Project multiple times this year. 

I did not. Now it's complete, in the envelope and ready to mail.

It was a struggle, sometimes not so much, and struggle, and not.