my rock

Finally got back out on the bike today.
It was cold for San Diego and windy, but clear clear clear.
Didn’t get a picture of how clear and beautiful it was.

We did ride by this painting on a rock in Lemon Grove.


Thanksgiving 2010

It is easy sometimes to focus on things gone bad and lost.

I know how fortunate I have it.
I am grateful.

I will try to not worry.


aging is not always pretty

Our cats are aging, just like us, but they are closer to their end.

Petzel has kidney disease and is extremely arthritic, but he stays very active for his 16 year old deteriorating body. I think dementia is also setting in as he sits around yelling at the air. He eats, drinks, sleeps, and is more accepting of affection. He looks like a mess all the time, even after he gets his special cat wipe bath. Selfishly I wish he would gain weight and clean himself up. 
I cannot tell if he is unhappy, and if I knew, what would I do.

Applied Design

The abstract colorful paintings, painted and/or cut-out fabrics, and beach trash clowns part of Collection Applied Design a Kim MacConnel Retrospective, at MCASD La Jolla, I found full of joy and delight. 

It was like taking in an abundance of candy without the sugar and fat which makes me sick.


Concert and Crash

Friday night, Nov 12 at the California Center for the Arts Art Museum.
I had all kinds of expectations about this event and I was excited to finally be there.
The concert included music by Joel P West, who scored the music for the fort. He was accompanied by Kelly Bennett on the violin, Meg & Brian, and story interludes from Andrew Gumm.

Then we were seated for dinner to have a delicious meal specially prepared with the fort as muse, partaking in fabulous food and conversation.

We then prepared for the rest of the evening, putting on pj’s, stacking out sleeping areas, and getting comfortable for the movie (Hook), which I’d never seen.

Then to sleep.

Breakfast and more conversation in the morning, and more time in the fort.

As we left Wes was busy at work.

The experience was beyond all my expectations.

Time spent in an incredible space with creative generous people.

I cannot find words to express how grateful I am to have had this experience.
California Center for the Arts, and Wes Bruce - THANK YOU!!!


November 8 2010

The Patagonia holiday catalogue arrives and tells me to get off my butt as the head cold is leaving.


real change: when?

Mid-term elections are tomorrow.
My 55 years of living in a democratic society has me wondering if democracy is too difficult for people.
My 55 years of living in a capitalist society has me thinking there must be a better way.