another change

As the world becomes more and more accessible to more and more people, I find myself becoming more and more reclusive.

I find a need now to have my writing practice be private. As I came to this realization I thought I would title this last post, THE END. But, as I thought about this I became aware that there are no ends, it is just a change. Even books and movies live on in our memories and discussions.

This has been a very valuable experience and I am grateful to all of you who took the time to have a glimpse into my internal dialogue.

For now internal dialogue will stay available in this public realm.



it's back

Yesterday I finally got out to Mission Trails to hike South Fortuna. It was great, and just before the start of the climb we saw this.

Today I did Florida Canyon, deciding to retrace my route when I lost the circle device.

As I passed many interesting plants which I would have photographed with the circle device, my thoughts went to should I replace it, if so, with what. I decided to just focus on working with the images I already have.

I came to the cactus  where the circle device blow off. I carefully looked around thinking, it could be just hanging on a spine, or covered up. And the I saw it. I was so excited to have found it I forgot to document with a photo where it lay. I kicked away one section so I could get my arm in with minimal damage and carefully got my hand in there and scooped it out. Put it into my walking wallet.

And it is now back with me, and in none the worse for wear.

This was the third thing I recently lost, and found. With each thing I had come to accept that they were gone, and now they are not. Is is that I have much luck, or something else going on. I wonder if I will find the reading glasses I lost on Friday.


back at it

Today Kombu went back to the vet.

I notice blood in his stool and then he was having problems doing anything in the litter box. He was not eating or drinking water.

The doctor prescribed another round of fluids, and suggested we continue with assuming it's the hyperthiroidism giving him problems.

As we waited for the assistant to come in, and take him for his treatment I told him; if you want to die it is okay,  it is your choice, and he thought about it.

We went home with new medciations and food, and will see what he decides.


now Kombu

Kombu had to go to the vet yesterday. They took care of his bowel back-up problem, eye, pumped him with fluids, and did a full blood workup. Last night he started medication for the infections in his eye and urinary track.

Today we go the results of the blood work and found out he has hyperthyroidism. This apparently is another common occurance with older cats. It can be treated with medication, which I have picked up. He will then have to go to monitor his levels.

I asked what would happen if we did not give him the medication and monitor his levels. Since the thyroid regulates so many organs, it would not be a comfortable existence for the remainder of his life.

It makes me wonder about the wonders of medicine. Should we?  I took an oath not to kill, and I don't want to see him suffer. This means we do what we can to help him to be comfortable for the remainder of his life.

Kombu, we better get at least 4 more years with you!


connection: culture and environment

This past trip to Vancouver I appreciated how connected my sister and Louise are to the native culture in the pacific northwest, and the environment up there.

It is really nice how they collect First Nation works of art and utilitarian objects. I tried to take some pictures but only this one of their collection survivied my recent computer downloads and cleanings.

Today I had a chance to check out all their pictures from their recent vacation.

I am very fortunate to have family that know the importance of connection to culture and environment. And, as I write this I realize, there is no separation between the two.


Firewalker went today

Thanks for all the wonderful years. You will always be with us.

Now that Petzel and you have moved on, I have no meditation partner. I will miss this, and so much more.

Thanks for making sure you spent as much time as possible with us as you prepared for your next adventure. I am sorry I stepped on you repeadedly during this time.

We love you.

up north again

Returned the other day from another trip to Vancouver to visit my family. This time the visit was shorter. My mother's stroke recovery is progressing, all be it, very slowly.

It is interesting to see first hand the effects of a brain injury. We take so much for granted, and it is so different than other bodily injury.

I got the iPad 2 all set up and working for my parents. I know they will not get close to using it to it's full capacity, but I think they will enjoy it. Since I've been home we've done Face Time every day.

I will go back up for New Years, and hopefully they will be able to come down here, to a milder climate, in March.

pictures from this trip


Apple addict

Steve Jobs died today. He was instrumental creating wonderfully designed, efficient, and easy to use technology. He helped create things others use to create positive change. It is an amazing chain. He change the world.

We are the same age, and all I can do is try, as Gandhi said to be "the change you wish to see in the world" It seems so minuscule compared to what Steve Jobs accomplished in his lifetime.

I had recently talked myself out of wanting an iPad. It did not have everything, which in my mind, I wanted.

On Sat we went to the Apple store, and bought one for my parents. I have been setting it up for them. Downloading apps, and putting some things on that will occupy my time with the ordeal of traveling by air.

It is a wonderful device. The love affair is back on.

It took me years to let go of Windows, but today I am an Apple addict!

Thanks you Apple, and Steve Jobs.