it's back

Yesterday I finally got out to Mission Trails to hike South Fortuna. It was great, and just before the start of the climb we saw this.

Today I did Florida Canyon, deciding to retrace my route when I lost the circle device.

As I passed many interesting plants which I would have photographed with the circle device, my thoughts went to should I replace it, if so, with what. I decided to just focus on working with the images I already have.

I came to the cactus  where the circle device blow off. I carefully looked around thinking, it could be just hanging on a spine, or covered up. And the I saw it. I was so excited to have found it I forgot to document with a photo where it lay. I kicked away one section so I could get my arm in with minimal damage and carefully got my hand in there and scooped it out. Put it into my walking wallet.

And it is now back with me, and in none the worse for wear.

This was the third thing I recently lost, and found. With each thing I had come to accept that they were gone, and now they are not. Is is that I have much luck, or something else going on. I wonder if I will find the reading glasses I lost on Friday.

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