now Kombu

Kombu had to go to the vet yesterday. They took care of his bowel back-up problem, eye, pumped him with fluids, and did a full blood workup. Last night he started medication for the infections in his eye and urinary track.

Today we go the results of the blood work and found out he has hyperthyroidism. This apparently is another common occurance with older cats. It can be treated with medication, which I have picked up. He will then have to go to monitor his levels.

I asked what would happen if we did not give him the medication and monitor his levels. Since the thyroid regulates so many organs, it would not be a comfortable existence for the remainder of his life.

It makes me wonder about the wonders of medicine. Should we?  I took an oath not to kill, and I don't want to see him suffer. This means we do what we can to help him to be comfortable for the remainder of his life.

Kombu, we better get at least 4 more years with you!

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